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In short, because it's WAY better.

Classroom training is disruptive, inefficient, and expensive, creating headaches for drivers, operations, and management. Moving training online eliminates the disruptions, reduces costs, and makes life better for the whole fleet. Here are 5 reasons why moving online makes a lot of sense.

More training, delivered more often and more consistently, means a safer, more efficient fleet. And with a lower total cost of delivery as well, there's just no comparison.

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Why Interactive?

Moving training online is great, but not if drivers fall asleep or tune out halfway through. Interactive online training gets drivers involved in the process, so they're not just passive observers. With content delivered through a combination of text, images, animations, movies, and audio narration, and supplemented by exercises and checkpoints, interactive online training serves all learning styles equally. It also lets people connect with the content in different ways, creating a deeper connection that sticks with them much longer than alternate delivery methods.

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We looked at videos, but they weren't very effective. Drivers would come in and watch a video on a specific topic, but they would not engage. They would be on their phone texting, or dozing off. We would have to bring someone in the room to just monitor, to ensure they were paying attention. For a small company, that's not a good use of our time. And worse yet, we weren't sure what information the drivers were retaining.

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Why CarriersEdge?

At CarriersEdge we're focused on providing the best possible training experience for the trucking industry.

If you're looking for something short and shallow to check a box for your insurance company, and not worried about education quality, you'll hate us. On the other hand, if you're committed to having the safest, most reliable drivers on the road, and want to provide the most indepth, comprehensive safety training program available, we can help.

The CarriersEdge online driver training system was designed specifically for the trucking industry. We understand drivers, we understand fleets, and we know what works in the world of risk management.

Our courses are deeply researched, regularly updated, and put into context for drivers. More than just a list of rules that drivers need to follow, we dig into the 'why' and 'how', giving drivers background and context that leads to successful outcomes. And at the end, our objectives-based testing confirms that they know the content as well as they should.

As one long time customer put it, “your tests are challenging but fair; if a driver can pass your test they definitely know their stuff”.

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We have used other products in the past, and I must say CarriersEdge has the best online content I've seen.

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Category: Large fleet

But that's not all.

We know that drivers don't always have the latest & greatest equipment, and often have slow or spotty connections. We also know that safety managers and small fleet operators don't have time to figure out a complicated system, and don't want to devote hours every week to training management. Our system was designed to be quick and easy for managers, and run reliably for drivers on older equipment over slower connections.

CarriesEdge is designed specifically to help...

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