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They're never fun, but every fleet has to go through them. Whether it's insurance or a government agency, safety audits are a part of life in the trucking industry. In the days of paper-based recordkeeping, preparing for an audit could be a days-long process, digging up driver files, compiling records of meetings and training sessions. And of course, the file the auditor wants to see is the one with a coffee stain that makes it mostly illegible!

With training moved online, though, audit prep is MUCH easier. We automatically track all training activities, so you don't have to worry about whether you got everyone to sign in properly. All our records can be pulled on demand, and you can view by date, by location, or look at specific drivers, so whatever the auditor asks for, you'll have.

If you want to print hard copies, with a couple of clicks you're done. If you prefer to export to Excel and show a spreadsheet, that's just as fast.

However, that's just the basics. The beauty of an online system that tracks a bunch of data points is what you can do with that data. Instead of just showing that drivers took training on particular days, you can look at the detailed scores for those courses, show the analytics highlighting broader trends and what you were able to do with it, and demonstrate how you use the compliance management functions to ensure all managers keep their teams up to date with regular training as well.

Audits may not ever be easy or fun, but we at least help make them less painful.

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Online course catalog

Online course catalog

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Training management tools

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