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Take training to the drivers with the industry's first dedicated driver training mobile app.

With so much of today's business happening on mobile devices, it just makes sense to deliver training through them as well. We originally designed our mobile app to make training access easier for drivers, but it provides a variety of benefits for managers as well.

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Simpler rollout

One of the key questions when rolling out online training is how drivers will access it. In the old days, that often meant setting up PCs in the driver lounge or providing some other means of communal access. Now, drivers just need to download the app and login and they're all set. Much simpler, and much cheaper as well.

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Simpler logins

Drivers may be great with heavy equipment, but they're often less focused when it comes to remembering logins.

With the CarriersEdge mobile app, drivers login once then stay logged in forever. They don't have to remember passwords, and they won't be stuck trying to get access when they should be focused on completing training.

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Simpler notifications

Sending reminders and assignment updates to drivers just got easier. With the mobile app, drivers automatically get push notifications for upcoming deadlines and new assignments, and you can send custom reminders as well.

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The CarriersEdge mobile app is available directly on multiple leading ELDs as well. If you're already providing an Android-based device for drivers (ELD or otherwise) our app can slide right in, making driver training that much more painless for drivers.

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CarriersEdge makes it easy for drivers to access courses on their phones or tablets wherever they may be.

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