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Getting new hires up to speed and performing productively is critical to their success, but always a challenge. You want to be sure they know everything they should for the job, as well as the details of your business, but you can't keep them in orientation forever. They want to get out on the road and start earning, so it's important to find the right balance for your fleet's needs.

Moving parts of orientation online can go a long way towards streamlining that onboarding. Regulatory and general content can be available for drivers to complete before the formal orientation begins, allowing you to focus on company-specific details for the in-person portion. And with complete tracking of their performance in those courses, you'll know where each new hire's strengths and weaknesses are before orientation even starts.

But CarriersEdge does more than just provide pre-orientation material for drivers. You can track their attendance in class, upload road test documents, and add in your own custom training materials as well.

Want drivers to watch a video introduction to the company before arriving? No problem. Standardized company-specific test at the end? Also not a problem!

If you really want to take orientation to the next level, you can schedule additional, post-orientation training to appear automatically on a designated schedule. A staggered rollout gives drivers time to get used to things without dumping too much new stuff on them all at once, and it can all be configured in a couple of clicks.

Plus, since every activity is tracked, you'll have a complete record of every new hire's orientation experience, with dates, times, and scores for each part of the experience.

Get new hires up to speed and productive more quickly, without adding a ton of work for yourself.

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