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For small fleets relying on outside safety consultants or part-time safety specialists, balancing priorities is always a challenge. You may have an expert available to help with regulatory issues, but you only have them some of the time, and there's only so much they can do. Much of their time ends up devoted to firefighting and other critical tasks, with all the “nice to haves” perpetually put off.

CarriersEdge helps consultants break out of firefighting, giving them the tools to build a complete safety program that keeps running even when they're not on site. A complete library of content, with extensive automation options, means that training can be scheduled to appear on predetermined dates, at specific intervals, or based on events captured through dashcams. Reports can be generated automatically and delivered directly to the inboxes of all interested parties, with minimal headaches.

Maximizing the Expertise

Safety consultants have highly developed expertise and their time is valuable. Having them spend time covering regulatory basics squanders that time and expertise. CarriersEdge takes all the standardized, generic training requirements off their plates and let's them focus their expertise where it can best help the fleet.

Tracking More Than Just Online Training

One key area requiring consultant expertise is road testing and practical training, and those results need to be tracked and managed. CarriersEdge is more than just an online training system, with tools to manage classroom training schedules, track practical activities, and store road test results as well.

Learn more about managing classroom and practical training.