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Free your time by automating post-event follow-up.

Modern dashcams capture a long list of different activities, from hard brakes to bad turns, and even common distractions as well. Identifying those events is great, but for a best-in-class safety program you need to follow-up with drivers on those events, and document that follow-up.

With our dashcam integration you can simplify that process by automating the response to each event, providing consistency in response and activity tracking, but without a ton of extra work.

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Since implementing the dashcam integration, our speeding incidents are down by 67%.

Equipment: Dry van, reefer

Category: Small fleet, OTR

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Your rules, your schedule

Rather than hard coding assignments based on specific events, our dashcam follow-up allows you to configure your own rules, with as many layers as you like for each event tracked by your camera provider. Set thresholds for assignment, and allow for selective exemptions as well, so the program remains both practical and effective.

However you set your rules, CarriersEdge will follow. Monitoring camera events on a daily basis, making assignments based on the rules, and notifying you of what happened. Once event-based assignments are made, all the deadline management, activity tracking, and reporting functions work the same as with manual assignments, so you’ll always know who’s completing their camera assignments, and when they're doing it.

Supported camera systems

The CarriersEdge dashcam integration currently works with:

Support for additional camera providers will be coming in the future as well.

Read the press release announcing the launch.