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Add custom training and other documents to fit your fleet's specific needs.

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A complete course library is a great start, but there will always be company-specific things that drivers need. Maybe it's training on the newest equipment, customer-required courses, or updated company policies that need to be distributed - we understand, and we make it easy.

Whether it's a PowerPoint presentation, some PDF documents, meeting recordings, or YouTube videos, our simple, self-serve tools for adding content will get them uploaded and served out to drivers in no time.

But it's more than just uploading some files or linking to Youtube. CarriersEdge let's you create custom tests, add your content into larger programs, and track completion just like any other module in the library.

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How are fleets using it?

CarriersEdge customers find lots of creative ways to combine custom and library content, including:

  • Link to Youtube tutorials from OEMs then create custom tests to validate that drivers learned what they should from the videos
  • Upload company policies and make them part of the onboarding program for new drivers
  • Record driver meetings and upload recordings for anyone who couldn't attend live
  • Upload customer-specific training and have it automatically assigned to any drivers serving those customers
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CarriersEdge makes it easy to give drivers training we receive from our customers and create customized quizzes based on the material that is covered

Equipment: Flatbed, oversize

Category: Small fleet, OTR

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Our custom modules have included training on CNG and refueling, our semi-annual state of the union address, and 'live training' broadcasts are also uploaded on the CarriersEdge site. Drivers can see this information in real-time, or go back to it when they have free time. The uploading capability with CarriersEdge makes things easy for us - all our safety information is contained within the program.

Equipment: Flatbed, reefer

Category: Midsize fleet, regional