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Looking to supplement your safety program with some outside expertise? Our independent consultant resellers can help with everything from recruiting to road tests to compliance.

We are Experts in Trucking Business Development and Carrier Services

We know that running a trucking company is hard. With the growing list of regulation changes, changing freight rates, and rising operational cost within the trucking industry, small fleet owners and owner- operators are left with a lack of resources to support their businesses, causing many to fail!

Through our various product offerings, Innovative Logistics Group is here to bridge the gap for truckers, small fleets, and prospective entrepreneurs to become successful.

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Kelly Anderson Group helps transportation companies Find, Recruit, Retain, and Train their drivers and staff. We teach proven management, recruiting, and retention techniques through seminars, webcasts, and one-on-one consulting. Beyond this, we offer training and an e-Learning tool to build up your entire workforce - from the shop floor to the corner office.

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Whether you're concerned about rising SMS scores, you're preparing for or have failed a DOT audit, you've have had one-too-many recordable crashes, or are new carrier who simply wants to get started on the right foot - we can help.

King Safety & Compliance will create and implement an effective safety management plan to improve your standing with the FMCSA and change your approach to safety. We educate you and your staff on safety and compliance so you can monitor your service provider or take over your own compliance program.

Bring knowledge and expertise to your fleet. Proven results, ongoing support.

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You have a passion. Your business is your life. You have put your heart and soul into making it what it is today. As you evolve, you find yourself being taken away from the thing you love you most, making your company grow.

That's where we come in. At Russ King & Associates, we can help you get back to your passion. We will handle all your back room needs, at a fraction of the cost of in-house staffing.

From buying and maintaining equipment, to managing your random policies. We have drivers ready to hire now, and will keep them trained and compliant, reducing your risk exposure, allowing your business to thrive.

At Russ King & Associates, we measure our success by helping you achieve yours.

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Safety1st Consulting LLC., specializes in Transportation Safety and Risk Management. Our company assists fleet motor carriers in meeting, maintaining, and surpassing FMCSA compliance regulations. We will partner with you to create an entire safety and compliance program specific to your goals, objectives, and budget. We will help you achieve safety compliance through education, training programs, policy implementation, and process improvements designed specifically for your organization.

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Transafe works with FMCSA investigators and motor carriers to assure compliance. Transafe provides carriers with experienced safety management, knowledgeable staff, and all of the tools necessary to obtain and maintain compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Transafe is dedicated to assisting motor carriers with the time consuming and complicated task of complying with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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