We started seeing results before we even finished rolling it out
~ RBX Inc.

Training, testing, tracking - and a whole lot more!

Courses so good your drivers will ask for more. Tracking so detailed you can see every response to every question on every test. A complete training and development system for drivers. No wonder we're trusted by movers and shakers across the country.

Online Training

Comprehensive, but not complicated. Understandable, but not patronizing. Our courses translate complex regulations into real-world context that drivers understand, providing an interactive learning experience that's equally effective regardless of learning style, language skills, or educational background.

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Course Features

  • 80+ titles, over 40 hrs of content
  • Text, images, animation, video, audio
  • In-depth orientation courses
  • Shorter refresher/remedial titles
  • English and Spanish
  • New titles added regularly

Subject Areas

  • Defensive Driving
  • HOS & Logbooks
  • Practical Cargo Securement™
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Transporting Hazardous Materials
  • CSA for Drivers
  • Fire Safety
  • Hazard Communication System
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Driver Health & Wellness
  • Accident Scene
  • Food Safety
  • Parking & Delivery
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment
  • Fall Protection
  • Bloodborne Pathogens

Content Creation

Upload Powerpoint, video, and more to make your own company-specific training modules. With support for multiple file formats, automatic conversion and optimization, and flexible configuration options, creating online content has never been easier.

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  • Upload video recordings of safety meetings for people who couldn't attend
  • Supplement CE library courses with company-specific content
  • Import equipment videos from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Add customer-specific training for those who need it
  • Share policy documents and track that drivers have read and acknowledged them

Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)

Meet your ELDT requirements with CarriersEdge content that maps into the FMCSA's program curriculum. Want to help your drivers get hazmat endorsement? As a registered hazmat theory provider, we've got you covered there as well, at no extra charge.

Certificates, Reporting and Administration

Simple, powerful tools for managing user accounts, assigning courses, and reporting on progress. Print certificates, run reports, track compliance, and analyze trends by terminal, manager, or individual driver. Large fleet or small, administration is easy, flexible, and fast.

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  • Self-explanatory interface makes administration easy
  • Unlimited location groups - organize by region, terminal, board, manager, and more
  • Map entire org structure into system for distributed management, tracking, and reporting
  • Set renewal dates, access limits, pay-for-completion for any content module
  • Assign modules individually or through program groups
  • Control availability and deadlines for programs, automate assignments based on group or other criteria
  • Self-managing - control user licenses directly
  • Detailed reporting on activities, progress, and status at any time
  • Content and performance analytics to see broader trends
  • One-click certification printing and Excel export
  • Schedule reports to run automatically and send results by email

Surveys and Polling

Customized, direct feedback, when and how you want it. Built-in survey management tools let you create from scratch or use preconfigured templates. Advanced reporting gives you a variety of ways to slice and dice the results.

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Preconfigured Templates

  • Best Fleets to Drive For® driver survey
  • Employee engagement
  • Rate This Customer/Shipper
  • Training follow-up
  • Exit interview

Survey Management & Reporting

  • Multiple question types
  • Required and optional sections
  • Public and private surveys
  • Anonymous and named users
  • Scheduled availability

What can you do with this?

  • Poll drivers after safety meetings for feedback and follow-up questions
  • Conduct annual satisfaction surveys to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Have drivers rate the experience with shippers to identify potential problems
  • Collect feedback on proposed programs before rolling them out

Knowledge Testing

Find out exactly where the gaps are, and what training is really needed. Scenario-based, with test variations and answer randomization, and customizable for your individual needs. Our dedicated knowledge testing tools let you see exactly who knows what, and how well they know it.

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  • Start new hires with a knowledge test to identify where they do and don't need training
  • Use annual knowledge checks as a foundation for planning training activities
  • Allow people to exempt from scheduled training by demonstrating equivalent knowledge
  • Identify broader knowledge gaps in the fleet before they become problems

Classroom and Event Management

All training activities, both on and offline, stored in one centralized, secure location. Schedule classroom training and meetings, register participants and track attendance, without ever needing to open Excel! A complete training history, one click away.

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  • Keep track of who's registered for orientation and who actually attends
  • Track hours and activities for driver finishing or apprenticeship programs
  • See who attended in-person safety meetings
  • Easily see how many meetings drivers attend in a period
  • Use built-in compliance and renewal functions to keep drivers up to date

Dashcam Integration

Direct, customizable integration with leading dashcam providers. Automate the assignment of event-based interventions, and track status of assignments with a simple, configurable interface. Powerful automation, flexible and personalizable, included as part of the standard package.

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  • Assign direct interventions based on behavior frequency and severity
  • Create progressive, cascading interventions for repeat occurrences
  • Assign combinations of intervention types (documentation, online training, classroom) to match company policies
  • Monitor status of assignments to ensure completion

System Integration

Driver tracking, on-board communication, or safety management systems - our API speaks their language, streamlining training management and minimizing administrative requirements. See our Developer section for more details.

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  • Have dispatch or HR systems automatically create/delete driver accounts
  • Automatically update assignments based on job board and region
  • Pull data into other systems for reporting and audit purposes

Access Anywhere

Login from wherever you like, with any modern device. CarriersEdge works on desktop, or through the satellite - we even have the industry's first dedicated mobile app for driver training!

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No one compares to what you do in terms of quality content, ease of use, and ability to tailor it to our needs.
~ Neil Campbell
Human Resources Manager
J.B.M. Logistics

Customer Support

Responsive and friendly, during the day or after hours, we make sure everyone has a great experience with CarriersEdge. Best-in-class customer support, for you and your drivers, at no extra charge.

Trusted by Trucking

The platform of choice for leading risk consultants and service providers. Recommended (sometimes required!) by major insurers and brokers. Industry leaders across the country turn to us for their training needs.


Monthly subscription pricing gives you unlimited use for a fixed rate. Month-to-month terms mean you're not locked in to long term contracts. Free manager and administrator accounts make the deal even better.

Not ready for a subscription yet? You can also buy courses individually.

How many drivers need access?

Only $00000 per month!

Per person, that works out to only about $00 per month!

PLUS - you may qualify for additional discounts as well, bringing that price even lower. Contact us for details.

Common Questions

Fleets often have the same questions when getting started. We have the answers.

Click the links below for answers to common questions about CarriersEdge.


How do you ensure the content is good?

The CarriersEdge product development team is staffed with expert instructional designers who have deep experience across a variety of industry sectors. Our people have developed hundreds of courses for sectors including transportation, mining, oil & gas, heavy equipment, and manufacturing. We understand how to decipher government regulations, and we understand how people who work in industrial sectors think.

That's a massive depth of expertise, but we don't stop there. Our network of industry advisors and partners supplement our in-house knowledge with specialized insight in key areas. For content areas where there are recognized experts in the industry already, we partner with them to produce content that takes advantage of both our skills sets.

Can I have my dispatch or maintenance staff take the courses?

Absolutely! The content was designed for drivers, but many fleets find that office or maintenance staff benefit it from it as well. You can use the system however you like.

What about drivers with weaker English, or who aren't strong with computers?

That's not a problem. Studies have shown that online training is the most effective training method for individuals with English as a Second Language, and it's not hard to see why – they can take their time, review anything they need to review, and practice in a safe environment without having to worry about what anyone else thinks, and without holding up the class. Because courses include both text and voiceover, ESL participants will both see the words and hear them spoken at the same time, which helps tremendously with language comprehension skills.

For people that don't have computers, most fleets provide one or two machines in their terminal so drivers can participate from there.

What if drivers quit or new ones get hired?

You can manage this on your own with the admin tools in the system. During the setup process, we'll show you how to add and delete accounts, so you can make sure you're always up to date. Driver histories are kept after accounts are deleted, so you can still generate reports even after they leave, and if they come back, you can undelete them and their entire history will be there waiting.

Can drivers access it through the satellite?

In most cases, yes. CarriersEdge is tested and compatible with a variety of current in-cab communication products, and we're always expanding that list. Contact us to confirm that your specific system is supported.

Can I try it out? Can my drivers try it out?

Absolutely! You can sign up for a trial account here. We encourage fleets to have drivers and other managers try it out as well, to provide the broadest feedback during the trial. In many cases, the drivers end up being the biggest advocates for the program.


What kind of ROI will we see?

You should see a positive ROI within the first 3 months of use. Using a high end price average of $6 per driver per month, in the first 3 months you'll spend $18 per driver on the program. If even half of the drivers take a course during that time, the cost per course works out to $36 – substantially lower than the cost of running an internal training session or sending people to an external training provider.

CarriersEdge is priced such that the economics work with only half of the drivers taking one course per year. Most fleets have every driver take at least one course per year (some do many more) so the ROI is very strong.

Will we get a break on our insurance if we sign up?

In most cases, no (or at least not directly). Insurance companies generally won't offer a discount just because you signed up for a program, since that on its own doesn't lower your risk. However, if you use the program regularly, provide proactive training to all drivers, monitor the progress and follow up with those that need additional help, insurers will certainly factor that into the calculation of your risk.

Of course, if you're doing all those things, your loss ratio and overall violation rates will improve as well, which will directly impact your premiums.

Will this help with driver retention?

It can. If you treat your drivers like experienced professionals, invest in the ongoing development of their skills, and find ways to enable that development that don't require them to sacrifice weekends or driving time, then you'll definitely see improvements in your retention numbers. CarriersEdge can be a big part of that process.

What are the technical requirements? What do my IT people need to do?

The service requires little more than a computer with an Internet connection and modern web browser. Some courses require the Flash player (although we're in the process of removing that requirement) but beyond that, you don't need anything special. IT people don't need to do anything special either, they just need to make sure you can get to the carriersedge.com website and that's it!

Is our information safe? What about credit cards?

Yes! We maintain a high security, PCI-Compliant environment, as verified by Trustwave, to ensure your personal information is secure at all time.

For more information about the specifics, click the icon below.

Do we have to sign up the whole fleet?

No! If you want to roll it out to your entire fleet at once, you can certainly do that. However, many fleets find it works best to start with a particular group of drivers (e.g. one terminal, or maybe just local drivers) then expand to other groups over time. If you're rolling out an online service to your drivers for the first time, starting with a smaller group provides a good opportunity for people to get comfortable with the new processes, in a more controlled environment, before bringing the whole company on board. It also gives you the opportunity to collect some feedback and testimonials from that pilot group and use that in your communication plan for the wider rollout. CarriersEdge is priced so you never pay for things you don't need, and always have the flexibility to increase or decrease your licenses.

How do we get started?

Getting started with CarriersEdge is very simple. We need a copy of your logo and (optionally) your current driver list to setup your environment. That generally takes about a day and when it's done we'll do a walkthrough call where we show you the administrative functions in the system. The setup call takes about 45 minutes (during which we'll have you enter your credit card info directly into the system for billing and payment processing) and after that you're done. You don't need to attend any training sessions, or have consultants visit your office - just a logo, spreadsheet, and phone call.

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