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Whether HR, scorecard, or risk predictor, connecting systems keeps everything in sync and saves admin time.

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Keep the facts straight

With more and more back-office systems supporting drivers, there are more and more opportunities for data discrepancies that can compromise the overall safety program.

If one system shows a driver completed a course, and another shows they didn't, that's a big problem at audit time.

Get those systems talking to each other to ensure that the real story of driver training is reflected everywhere that it needs to be. Keep assignment status updated, ensure start and end dates are consistent, and share grades and certificates as well.

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Don't duplicate efforts

Online training, HR, risk prevention, payroll, dispatch - the list of places where each driver needs an account is growing all the time. Do you really want to be manually adding each new driver into every separate system? Of course not!

CarriersEdge works with many leading back-office systems and those accounts can be created automatically. Whether it's a batch file provided periodically, or individual accounts created dynamically, we've got options.

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See how Fortune Transportation connects training and HR management

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