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Operating a small fleet means managing a lot of different business functions at the same time - ops in the morning, maintenance in the afternoon, safety after that…oh, and also trying to balance the finances and keep customers happy.

With so many things to stay on top of, spending time building driver training programs is rarely an option. That's where we come in.

CarriersEdge includes a complete library of effective, proven driver training courses, plus the basics for managers as well. It's got all the tracking and reporting you need for insurance and audit purposes, and it's super easy to use so you can get in and out quickly. Extensive automation functions speed up assignment and reporting functions even further, giving you more time to manage all the other things on your plate.

Best Practices Built In

Incorporating best practices captured through the Best Fleets to Drive For program, CarriersEdge brings the latest driver training trends and innovations to fleets of all sizes. Even without a fully staffed training department, you can still take advantage of the driver training ideas proven by the industry's best operators to help improve fleet safety.

No Pressure, No Stress

The last thing small fleet operators need is a sales rep applying pressure tactics so they can make their quotas. We spare you those hassles completely.

With no dedicated salespeople and no contracts, you'll never get pushed into buying anything, and you'll never get locked into a contract. Our subscription service lets you cancel at any time and our Customer Experience group is there to help with whatever you need.