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Trying to track training attendance through paper sign-in sheets is just asking for trouble - they're too easy to lose, and they don't tell you anything meaningful anyway.

CarriersEdge simplifies that process with a complete event management system, allowing you to schedule training sessions, register drivers, and confirm that they successfully completed the program while there.

Easily schedule events in the future, track when and where they're happening, and automate sending email reminders. For impromptu sessions and tailgate talks, it's just as easy to create events in the past and note who was there.

Event registration and completion status are automatically tracked in the driver's profile creating a more complete picture of the training history without having to hunt through mountains of filing cabinets.

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How are fleets using it?

CarriersEdge customers typically use event management to:

  • Track orientation attendance and completion
  • Manage multi-session events like driver meetings that run over consecutive weekends
  • Track impromptu discussions and small group gatherings