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As the safety program grows, more people get involved. Whether it's senior drivers providing on-road coaching, terminal managers overseeing orientation, or dedicated safety consultants splitting the workload, training can easily become a group effort.

Managing those collective efforts, and ensuring that everything goes to plan requires usable data to work from. You can't manage the program if you don't know what's going on in each area, and CarriersEdge provides the tools to help.

Tracking classroom activity by instructor, practical activity by trainer, analyzing driver training results by terminal or job board - CarriersEdge gives you the data you need to identify gaps and figure out how to close them.

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One of the benefits with CarriersEdge is that it allows me to track completion rates, and to see which questions, if any, my guys are having trouble with and in which areas we need improvement. As a one-person safety department, being able to easily handle multiple functions with one program saves valuable time, so it is well worth the investment.

Equipment: Dry van, reefer, flatbed

Category: Small fleet, regional