Complete driver training in one simple subscription?

Of course we’ve got it!

Driving today is more than just shifting gears. Hours of service, vehicle inspection, cargo securement – those are just table stakes. Today’s professional driver also needs to be crystal clear on distracted driving, accident scene management, injury prevention, and a whole lot more.

CarriersEdge driver training covers the full range of subjects drivers need – from the basics of trip planning to the intricate details of hazmat, weights & dimensions, CSA, and more.

The Content Drivers Need


Indepth, interactive, and designed to serve all learning styles

Beyond Regulations

Best practices and real world scenarios show drivers how to apply the content.

Always Fresh

Expanded and updated regularly so it never gets stale.


Dozens of titles in Spanish, with more added regularly.


Easily add company-specific content to supplement the library, at no extra cost.


Dedicated iOS and Android apps give drivers freedom to participate from anywhere.


Carriers currently using CarriersEdge


Training modules taken per month

The Tools Management Needs


Built from the ground up to serve the needs of the trucking industry.


Plan and assign months worth of training in minutes.


Certificates, reports, and stats at your fingertips and delivered on your schedule.


Automate assignments and receive reports on your schedule.


Scale up or down in licenses with no penalties.


No contract, no commitments.

CarriersEdge has saved us thousands of dollars, and drivers prefer it."

Halvor Lines

CarriersEdge provides measurable results in safety improvement."


CarriersEdge makes it easy to manage new hire and remedial training for our 3,800 drivers"

Day and Ross Group