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Once you move training online, a lot of different business functions get improved, from onboarding new hires, to keeping them current on the regs, to completing safety audits. Here are some of the places where CarriersEdge can help improve driver development and safety management processes.

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Finding new drivers is tough, but getting them ramped up and productive shouldn't be. CarriersEdge helps streamline onboarding so you can make the most of that precious time you have with them at the beginning of their career with you.

Learn more about driver onboarding.

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Refresher Training

Drivers might know the rules, but it's important that they remember them, without forgetting anything or developing bad habits. CarriersEdge makes it easy to assign regular refreshers, track progress, and report on the results.

Learn more about refresher training.

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Regulatory Changes

Trucking regs change regularly, and those changes can introduce some tricky bits or real world complexity that needs to be understood by everyone. Our content is always updated in advance of the changes, and written to be clear and understandable, so you can get all your drivers up to speed on the changes, and they'll understand why it matters to them.

Learn more about how we help with regulatory changes.

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Remedial Training

Helping people stay on the right path doesn't have to be difficult or demeaning. CarriersEdge helps you see who needs extra help, and gives you the tools to offer it. And of course, everything is tracked so you always have the proof that training happened.

Learn more about remedial training.

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Compliance Management

How often does this course need to be redone? What about that one? With CarriersEdge, it's easy to stay on top of all the training that needs to be renewed periodically, as well as all the things you'd like to redo, on your own schedule.

Learn more about compliance management.

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Safety Audits

We can't prevent them from happening, but we can at least make them a little less painful. With thorough tracking of training records, easily-generated reports, and printable stats, audit prep gets a whole lot easier.

Learn more about safety audits.