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Weights and Dimensions Course checkpoint page on a laptop

CarriersEdge Releases Weights and Dimensions Course

Markham, Ontario, October 28, 2019 - CarriersEdge, a leading provider of online driver training for the trucking industry, has introduced a course to help truck drivers better understand regulations regarding maximum vehicle weight and dimensions in the U.S.

With weight and size restrictions for commercial vehicles at both the federal and state level, the online training course, "Weights and Dimensions," is designed to teach drivers the regulations they need to know so that they can stay compliant with the laws of the road.

"Nearly every state differs in the way weight and dimension limits are governed," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "This course aims to alleviate the confusion that can stem from understanding the regulations so that drivers can stay compliant and avoid citations."

Weights and Dimensions uses images, interactivity, and real-life examples to cover what drivers need to know about keeping their vehicles' gross vehicle and axle weights in compliance with the Federal regulations governing the National Network. The course includes quizzes and a final test, which carriers can use to maintain weight and dimension training records.

After completing the course, drivers will be able to:

  • Explain the regulations that affect the weight and dimensions of vehicles on federal and state roadways
  • Determine the weight ratings for the vehicle as well as its axles and tires
  • Describe dimension limits such as kingpin to rear axle and rear overhang
  • Explain the steps in using the Bridge Formula Table to determine maximum axle weights
  • Describe how to shift weight between the axles of a vehicle.

"The trucking industry walks a fine line," said Jazrawy. "On one hand, shippers want as much freight moved in a single load, and while fleets want to maximize their payload to the fullest, they still need to be mindful of the regulations set in place throughout the states they travel through. This course will help truck drivers better understand how to maximize their payload, while staying compliant with local and federal regulations."

As with other courses in the CarriersEdge library of more than 80 titles, "Weights and Dimensions" can be taken any time and any place drivers have access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, giving them the flexibility to keep up-to-date with training while traveling or at home.

CarriersEdge courses are available in multiple languages, in introductory, refresher and remedial formats, on subjects including defensive driving, hours-of-service rules, vehicle inspections, and handling hazardous materials. CarriersEdge regularly updates and adds to its list of training modules; recent additions include courses on practical cargo securement and violence and spotted lanternfly.