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Harassment and violence

CarriersEdge Introduces Online Training Program to Reduce Workplace Harassment, Violence in Trucking Industry

Markham, Ontario, May 23, 2018 - Trucking companies and their employees face a lot of risks and hazards while on the road. Yet, workplace harassment and violence, and the toxic environments that they cause, can be just as harmful to worker health and safety.

But just as good training can reduce the risks posed by on-the-road hazards, it can also help employees identify these negative behaviors within the workplace, and respond to them appropriately and effectively.

CarriersEdge, a leading provider of online training to trucking companies and their employees, has introduced a course on Workplace Violence and Harassment, designed to teach managers and employees how to recognize these negative behaviors, respond appropriately, protect themselves and help prevent further incidents.

"Right now, we are hearing so much more about negative behavior in workplace settings, that employers and workers are aware of the issue like never before," said Jane Jazrawy, chief executive officer of CarriersEdge. "When companies don't develop workplace violence and harassment policies that establish firm ground rules, they can risk harm to their employees as well as to their corporate reputations if such incidents were ever to occur. In the long run, doing nothing also hurts recruiting and retention efforts.

"By setting up training to give managers and employees the knowledge and tools to deal with workplace harassment and violence, companies can build a culture of respect that is more appealing to industry newcomers," Jazrawy added. "And it reinforces the message for everyone that there is no room for negative behavior in the workplace."

The Workplace Violence and Harassment course follows the CarriersEdge model of combining text, visuals, real-world examples and interactive features to illustrate negative behaviors found in a workplace environment, and explain how to respond appropriately and promote a respectful workplace for everyone. Quizzes throughout the 70-minute module as well as a final test, make understanding and retention of the material easier, and allow carriers to maintain records of the training.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Characteristics of negative workplace behaviors;
  • Forms of workplace violence and how domestic violence can affect the workplace;
  • Forms of workplace harassment and how it affects both individuals and the workplace
  • The difference between harassment and bullying;
  • Laws that protect workers from workplace violence and harassment;
  • Risk factors for violence and harassment and indicators that someone may be violent;
  • Roles and responsibilities employees and the company have in handling workplace violence and harassment;
  • The steps in handling negative-behavior incidents for witnesses, victims or the accused.

Course material is based on CarriersEdge's experience in researching workplace issues, as well as current federal and state regulations. Where there are differences in those regulations, the course uses the most stringent requirements.

"Companies and employees want to do the right thing and create a safe, positive workplace, but they may not know how to accomplish that," Jazrawy said. "This course provides a roadmap to help get there."

CarriersEdge offers more than 70 full-length and refresher/remedial courses, in multiple languages, on important safety and regulatory topics in trucking, from distracted driving to hours-of-service rules. The courses can be taken any time and any place drivers have access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, giving them the flexibility to keep up to date with training while traveling or at home. Administrative tools make it easy to track not just who has taken what course but performance on quizzes to demonstrate retention of material.

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