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Wellness - Preventing illness

CarriersEdge Adds Updated Wellness Course, Preventing Illness, to its Catalog

Newmarket, Ontario, January 13, 2021 - CarriersEdge, a leading provider of online driver training for the trucking industry, has released an updated version of its wellness course “Preventing Illness,” that is designed to help truck drivers learn how to best protect themselves from illnesses and why it’s important to practice good personal hygiene.

The course joins a list of three updated wellness courses CarriersEdge added in the past year, including “Recognizing & Managing Fatigue” and “Healthy Eating.”

The online training course “Preventing Illness” gives a more in-depth view of “wellness” by explaining what happens to people when they get sick, what the main types of germs or pathogens are and how they spread, how vaccines affect the body, as well as best sanitary practices to help protect against contracting an illness.

“We spent a lot of time researching and developing our course to supply drivers with information that will not only help them stay safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but will also serve as an asset to fleets to combat other common illnesses that are highly transmissible, such as the flu,” said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. “What makes our updated course unique is that in addition to offering information about what drivers can do to help prevent illness from occurring, it also explains what happens to our bodies when we do get sick, how we can best treat illnesses, and how we can limit exposure to others.”

“Preventing Illness” is made up of three modules and uses text, images, interactive exercises, real-life examples, quizzes, and a final test to cover what employees need to know to ensure better health when it comes to contagious illnesses.

After completing the three modules, drivers will be able to:

  • Explain how illness occurs and describe the immune response
  • List the four types of pathogens and common illnesses they cause
  • Describe appropriate treatment and prevention methods for different illnesses
  • Describe personal hygiene and sanitation strategies to reduce the spread of pathogens
  • List steps to take when ill

As with other courses in the CarriersEdge library, “Preventing Illness” can be taken any time and any place drivers have access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, giving them the flexibility to keep up-to-date with training while traveling or at home.

CarriersEdge courses are available in multiple languages, in introductory, refresher, and remedial formats, on subjects including defensive driving, hours-of-service rules, vehicle inspections, and handling hazardous materials. CarriersEdge is currently used by more than 2,000 fleets across North America.