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Auto-Hauler Cargo Inspection course running on a laptop

CarriersEdge Adds Online Training Courses for Auto-Haulers

Newmarket, Ontario, May 25, 2022 - CarriersEdge, a leading provider of online driver training for the trucking industry, has unveiled a series of online training courses for auto-hauler drivers.

The new suite includes "Auto-Hauler Cargo Inspection" and "Vehicle Inspections - Stinger Steer" courses. A third course, dedicated to unloading cargo, is scheduled for release this summer.

"Auto-hauling is a specialty area with unique needs. There is a lack of written information available to auto-hauler drivers, as standard tractor-trailer courses do not offer enough relevant information," said Mark Murrell, President of CarriersEdge. "There was a need for auto-hauler courses that walk drivers through inspection procedures and detailed the best practices for completing these inspections."

The "Auto-Hauler Cargo Inspection" course outlines how to properly conduct vehicle inspection, identify damage or defects on the vehicles being transported and how to accurately report exceptions. After completing this course, drivers will be able to:

  • Perform delivery inspections both during and after business hours
  • Use multiple viewpoints to spot vehicle damage
  • Recognize the difference between common defects like scratches, gouges, dents, and chips
  • Record damages and defects, including steps for photographing issues and informing the customer or yard supervisor

Stinger-steers are unique vehicles with distinct parts that drivers need to regularly inspect. The "Vehicle Inspections - Stinger Steer" course outlines what drivers need to look for, specific to their vehicle, to ensure compliance with regulations and to remain safe when transporting cargo. Through this course, drivers will learn:

  • Regulations for vehicle inspections
  • Details on inspecting decks, ramps, and hydraulic components
  • How to complete a Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR in the U.S.)

Both auto-hauler courses incorporate a combination of 3D models and real photographs, providing drivers with a complete picture of the vehicle and what to look for. The courses include inspection "hotspots" detailing how to inspect each area.

"Auto-Hauler Cargo Inspection" and "Vehicle Inspections - Stinger Steer" are available to customers now at no extra charge, as part of the CarriersEdge subscription service. There are over 90+ titles in the CarriersEdge monthly subscription package, with new and updated titles added regularly. Courses are offered as full-length orientation, short refresher and remedial titles, and as standalone knowledge tests.