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We think truck drivers should have access to great training, without having to sacrifice their weekends. And we think that fleets of all sizes should be able to offer that training, without incurring a lot of extra costs or hassles.

In 2005, when we first came into trucking, we saw an industry that had a lot of training needs, and few good options for meeting those needs. CarriersEdge was created to help get more training to drivers, and to do so without disrupting the rest of the business. Since that time, we've continued to expand our core offerings in a variety of ways - adding content in different subjects and languages, and an ever increasing set of management support functions - but we haven't strayed from our core mission of providing best-in-class driver training options for fleets of all sizes.

Why “level up your driver training”?

Driver training in the transportation industry has traditionally been disruptive, expensive, and difficult to execute. Classroom training either pulls drivers off the road or makes them come in on weekends - two bad options. Videos are boring and prone to breakage, and still need people to be onsite to watch them. As a result, most fleets do the bare minimum amount of training for their drivers.

At CarriersEdge, we want to help fleets take their driver training experience to the next level…

There's no reason that small and midsize fleets can't have a safety program that rivals, and in many cases beats, what large fleets are doing. Just because you're small doesn't mean you have to have a weaker safety program.

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Why no salespeople?

You have enough to worry about without sales reps pressuring you to sign up so they can make their quotas. You also have better things to do than study dense contracts filled with legalese to make sure you're not getting locked into a bad deal.

At CarriersEdge, we're happy to move at a pace that works for you. Our customer support specialists are friendly, patient, and readily available to answer any questions, show you how the system works, and help you get up and running successfully. What they won't ever do is push you to sign up before you're ready, or try to lock you into a long term contract.

Best Fleets to Drive For®

In addition to the CarriersEdge online training system, we're also creators of Best Fleets to Drive For®, the only North America-wide evaluation of the best workplaces in the trucking industry.

Every year we evaluate fleets large and small, with both company drivers and independent contractors, identifying the latest trends, novel ideas, and best practices in driver development and total workplace experience. It's a massive undertaking every year, but the giant research project identifies the latest best practices for improving safety, reducing turnover, and increasing driver performance.

However we don't just collect the data and recognize winners, we take what we learn each year and build it into our product - if something is working well for the Best Fleets, and remotely related to driver safety or development, we're going to build it in to the core CarriersEdge service.

For example:


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