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Easily assign any combination of training to any combination of drivers.

With CarriersEdge, programs can be configured to auto-assign based on a driver's terminal, job board, region, customer, or anything else you can think of. CarriersEdge was designed to make training assignment and management simple and fast, with options that fit the trucking industry and easy automation for common functions.

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Maximize training, minimize stress

CarriersEdge training programs make it easy to combine content into different packages and assign them to different driver groups as needed. With no limit on the number of programs, how they're assigned, or who gets what, you can define all your training requirements with a few clicks.

Want to have dedicated orientation programs for different types of equipment? No problem! You can have as many different orientation programs as you like, with as many modules as you need for your drivers. Supplement that with ongoing refresher programs to keep them engaged, and have variations for different seasons or regions of operation as well.

For situations where you want something quick and simple, you can assign courses directly to individual drivers, speeding up remedial and other one-off training needs.

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Your training system, your way

Every module in the CarriersEdge library, and any custom content you upload yourself, includes configurable options to make it fit your specific needs.

With custom course expiries, you can define your renewal schedule for any module. Maybe some things should be done annually while others only need to be refreshed every 2 or 3 years. Set every module how you like and the system will keep track of who's due for retraining when. Managers see regular reports and dashboard notices, and drivers get individual reminders when expiries are approaching.

In addition, you can limit how often people can access different modules, control who has the ability to assign things, configure navigation options for drivers, and more.

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Let the system do the work

Setting up training programs might be easy, but it's still work that takes precious time. That's why we continue to find ways to automate the process and simplify that effort.

With CarriersEdge, your programs can be configured to auto-assign based on a driver's terminal, job board, region of operation, specific customer, or any other specific need you can think of. No more trying to remember what training a particular customer needs, what extra courses are required for different lanes - set it up once and let CarriersEdge manage it from there!

Streamlining efforts even further, those programs can be configured to appear and disappear automatically, on your schedule.

Want a new training program to appear for everyone at the beginning of each quarter? Create them all today then set the start dates to match your schedule and they'll all appear exactly when you say.

How about training programs that appear every week for the first month after a new hire starts? Equally simple - with rolling start dates you can easily have a personalized schedule of training assignments for any individual or group of drivers.

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Manage multiple languages easily

Got drivers who prefer Spanish courses? Not only do we have a sizable (and growing!) library of Spanish content, as a manager you don't even have to worry about assigning it to them.

Our Spanish courses weren't an afterthought that creates more work by requiring you to keep track of who did which version of the course - CarriersEdge was designed from the beginning to support multiple languages and we do it seamlessly. Drivers can decide for themselves which language they want when they start the course (and switch at any time throughout) and it's all tracked in the same place. You'll see their status and results under the course name regardless of which language they started or finished in!

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In just over a year we've facilitated over 1000 courses. It's helped everybody in the organization.

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