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Driver management that works the way trucking works.

Online training can be a fantastic benefit for fleets, but not if managers can't figure out how to create accounts, or drivers can't get logged in. CarriersEdge makes it easy to create and manage driver accounts, and super easy for drivers to get in and complete their assignments.

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Add and delete accounts quickly

CarriersEdge makes it easy to add drivers individually or in groups, with minimal details required and clear configuration options. Removing accounts when a driver leaves is just as quick - one click and it's deactivated.

Deactivated, but not gone. If that driver comes back, you can reactivate them just as quickly and all their history and assignments come back with them. No history is ever lost, and no records are ever removed.

Need to staff up and down for seasonal work? No problem - just deactivate those accounts when they're not needed, then bring them back next season.

Want to add office staff temporarily to complete some specific training? You can do that, too.

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Create groups that match the business

Creating organizational groups for those users is just as easy. Set up groups for different terminals, operating regions, customers, equipment types - however you organize the business now, CarriersEdge can match. And when the business structure changes, you can update those groups in minutes.

But we go beyond just grouping people by job function. With multiple role levels you can recreate your company org structure as well, giving managers control over their groups and expanding the options for training assignment and reporting.

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Keep it simple for drivers

Drivers may be fantastic at operating complex equipment on crowded streets, but they're not always the most focused when it comes to remembering passwords and login steps. For drivers to get value out of a training system, it needs to be easy for them to login to and use, and they can't be stranded trying to remember how to use it.

We understand that, and CarriersEdge keeps the process simple for drivers. Logging in to the system is quick, with options for staying logged in on both desktop and mobile devices to further speed it up.

Email and push notifications keep them in the loop with account details, new assignments, and approaching deadlines as well.

And once they're logged in, completing training is as simple as clicking the big green Play button to get started.

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Drivers like that they can take courses when it's most convenient for them, and for us it's more efficient and less costly.

Equipment: Dry van, reefer, flatbed

Category: Midsize fleet, regional, OTR

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Don't pay for what you don't need

With our no-contract, no-commitment subscription plan, you're never stuck paying for unnecessary spots. You have control over your license counts, and flexibility to increase or decrease as your needs change. So, when it's busy and you're adding drivers, you can add spots to match. When seasonal work is done and you're parking those trucks, you can reduce those spots just as easily.

Monthly billing is based on the license counts you specify, with no annual commitments or requirements.