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Engaging, interactive safety training content that works for all learning styles.

Deeply researched, regularly updated, and proven effective, CarriersEdge courses bring dry regulations to life. Text, images, animations, voiceover, and real-world scenarios help drivers understand why the content matters, and how to build it into their daily routines.

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Content for all learning styles

Some drivers like to read, some prefer to listen. Others need to see it or do something themselves. However they learn, we're ready. Our instructional design model - “tell me - show me - let me try it - test me” - is well established and proven to be effective for all learning styles.

Tell Me
The basics of the regulation or best practice. This is where most training stops, but we're just getting started.
Show Me
The context for the regulation, or how it fits into a driver's daily routine. With characters and common scenarios showing application of the content, the abstract becomes real for drivers and they can more easily see what to do with it.
Let me try it
Now it's time to apply that knowledge, through checkpoint quizzes, interactive exercises, and other activities. Neither tracked nor scored, these provide a safe place for drivers to explore and practice what they've learned.
Test me
The final assessment that verifies drivers have met the learning objectives. Beyond simple true/false questions, our scenario-based tests require drivers to think and demonstrate they understand the content and how to apply it.

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I like that you're not just staring at the screen, but instead, have to work through the programs and complete the pop quizzes along the way. Drivers don't like to just sit - as soon as they think something doesn't apply to them, they're done.

Equipment: Flatbed, reefer

Category: Midsize fleet, regional

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CarriersEdge training modules are comprehensive, relevant, and keep the driver engaged. We know the driver will become more knowledgeable after finishing the course.

Equipment: Dry van, reefer

Category: Small fleet, OTR

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The basics plus a lot more

Our course library covers all the driver training basics - defensive driving, hours of service, vehicle inspection, cargo securement, etc. - but there's a lot more beyond that. With a large library, and new titles added all the time, there's always something new for drivers.

But it's not just new titles, we regularly refresh older courses as well. Even for courses where the basics don't change very often (e.g. defensive driving) we refresh the content with new animations, updated best practices, fresh exercises, and lots more.

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A variety of courses for a variety of fleets

While the basics of road safety and regulatory compliance might be the same for all fleets, different segments have specialized needs. Whether it's the specific vehicle inspection requirements for tankers, loading and unloading for auto haulers, or the ins and outs of reefers and FSMA, we continue to expand the library with ever more specialized titles.

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Practical cargo securement booklet cover

Flatbed cargo securement

Operate flatbeds? Then you're probably familiar with Practical Cargo Securement, the industry-standard reference book that's so good even the enforcement people use it to train their staff. Through our partnership with the publisher, we've got the only official cargo securement course based on that handbook. That's right, CarriersEdge customers have access to the same cargo securement training material that enforcement agencies use.

Learn more about Practical Cargo Securement™

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That book is considered the 'gold' standard when it comes to securing freight on flatbeds. It's great that the CarriersEdge module works directly with the book, so the module reinforces and tests what we study in the book.

Equipment: Flatbed

Category: Midsize fleet, OTR

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What about Spanish?

Oh yeah, we've got that too! With more than 60 titles in Spanish, and more added regularly, there's lots for the Spanish-speaking drivers as well.

A large library, with more added all the time, specialized content for different segments, plus Spanish, and all of it available as part of the standard subscription with no extra charges or hidden fees - what's not to like!

Dig into the course catalog to see what's there.

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CarriersEdge produces content that is easy to use for customers, and provides measurable results in safety improvement.