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Improve workflow by connecting training with other driver management functions

Dashcams, ELDs, driver scorecards, HR systems, and more - fleets of all sizes have rapidly increased their use of driver support and management systems over the past few years. As a result, making sure that driver training syncs with those systems is ever more important.

We've been connecting with other systems for years, and have ready-made solutions for a variety of common uses. And, staying true to our all-in-one-subscription model, we don't charge extra for any of them.

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Turn those dashcam events into meaningful interventions, with the industry's first fully customizable training automation system.

Learn more about integrating with dashcams.

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Other Connections

Different systems showing different results? That's a recipe for bad decisions and pain down the road. Keep everything aligned by connecting training to other driver-support systems.

Learn more about some other connection options