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New Training Program Cuts Hazmat Violations by 40%

Little Guys Delivery Service, based in Toronto, ON, operates a fleet of 50 medium and light duty trucks. The regional LTL carrier specializes in speedy delivery of freight, sometimes in as little as a few hours.


  • Reduce hazmat violations
    With drivers hauling many different types and quantities of freight, and with tight schedules and time-sensitive cargo, hazmat loads were problematic. Drivers handling occasional hazmat loads would forget placarding specifics, and shippers were always eager to overlook regulatory requirements if it meant getting the load out faster. The result was a less-than-stellar safety record.


Little Guys implemented the CarriersEdge online driver training system, with a particular focus on increasing the amount and frequency of hazmat related training. Courses on related subjects, such as defensive driving, vehicle inspection, and cargo securement were also introduced, allowing drivers to develop a broader understanding of regulations and best practices across all aspects of the job.

Supplementing the online courses, Little Guys also introduced follow-up classroom training in all subjects. Drivers could complete the online courses on their own schedule, then attend an in-person session to discuss the subject with peers and an instructor, and work through company-specific examples and exercises.


  • Hazmat violations reduced
    Hazmat related violations have been reduced by 40% since rolling out the combined training program.
  • Overall safety record improved
    The company's overall safety record, as reported by its insurance company, has improved by 26%.
  • Improved focus and attitude among drivers
    Little Guys' drivers not only adjusted their own behaviors, the company reports that drivers now regularly “police" the shippers as well, ensuring that everyone maintains the same standard.

"Our performance has improved, big time. Within six months, my drivers became converts. They're now more knowledgeable than the shippers – they've become the instructors!"
Ahmed Fadul
General Manager
Little Guys Delivery Service

"Little Guys Delivery Service demonstrates that small fleets can see big results with a focused driver training and development program. With their combination on online and classroom components, they've not only improved their safety record, but changed the way drivers think about safety in general, and hazmat specifically, as well."
Jane Jazrawy

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