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Moving Training Online Dramatically Improves Efficiency for Contract Transport Services

Contract Transport Services (CTS), based in Green Bay, WI, operates a fleet of more than 130 tractors, nearly all day cabs. However, even though its drivers stay close to the terminal (and are home most nights), those drivers work a variety of shifts to serve customers throughout the midwest.


  • Training drivers who work rotating shifts
    With drivers starting anywhere from 2am to 10am, scheduling live quarterly training sessions was a monumental task. Sessions started at 3am and ran in half hour increments through 5pm. The disruption, and the need to work around delivery schedules, dramatically limited the amount of information that could be conveyed to drivers, creating an inefficient system that delivered little real value.


CTS implemented the CarriersEdge system in 2015, replacing the live sessions with online modules that drivers could complete at their convenience. Using both courses from the CarriersEdge library and its own custom modules, CTS offers training on a wide range of topical subjects.

With drivers able to complete that training without disrupting existing schedules, sessions have moved from the previous quarterly schedule to monthly engagements.

Supplementing the online content, CTS maintains the personal touch by pairing drivers with mentors and conducting regular ridealongs. Together, the online training and on-road coaching allow drivers to get a more personalized training experience, with the flexibility to participate at their convenience.


  • Increase in drivers trained
    Training now reaches 50% of drivers every month. Even during the summer months, more than 86% of the fleet received training in a quarter.
  • Less disruption
    With the bulk of the training completed online, drivers complete their assignments without disrupting existing delivery schedules. Safety staff no longer run marathon training sessions trying to catch everyone, freeing them to focus on higher value work.
  • Strong safety record maintained
    CTS has maintained an excellent safety rating with only 0.3 DOT reportable incidents per million miles.

"The instruction modules from CarriersEdge are setup to help drivers get engaged and retain the informationed presented. We can also monitor how our drivers have done on each module - if there is an area they didn't score well on, we can review the test with them and help them with additional information. CarriersEdge makes things easy for us - all our safety information is contained within the program."
Paul LeRoy
Director of Safety
Contract Transport Services

"CTS' experience shows the promise of online training. They've not only eliminated the gruelling and disruptive live training sessions, but they've significantly increased the total amount of training delivered and number of drivers being reached every month. It's no wonder that they continue to show such positive results in safety performance."
Jane Jazrawy

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