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Expanded Training Program Pays Off for RBX Inc.

Based in Springfield, MO, RBX Inc.'s 200 drivers provide full truckload service to customers across the midwest and southeast.


  • Reduce Backing Collisions

Backing is one of the trickiest elements of driving, and while individual collisions may have low damage costs, those costs add up significantly over time.


RBX attacked the issue of backing collisions with an expanded program that had multiple elements.

The first step was switching to an online training program powered by CarriersEdge, which included a range of titles focused on defensive driving and safe backing techniques. The company started assigning monthly courses to all drivers, helping to keep safe driving practices front of mind at all times.

For new entrants in the company's student driver training program, additional focus on backing techniques is provided to help build a solid foundation of consistent knowledge. Experienced drivers having difficulty in this area can participate in a similar program, as the situation warrants.

To help keep everything organized, RBX utilizes the automated assignment management functions provided by the system to streamline operations. It also makes extensive use of tracking and reporting tools which provide valuable data on driver activities and performance.


  • Decrease in backing collisions
    In the first six months after launch, the company has already seen an 8% reduction in collision costs.
  • Improved retention
    By improving driver performance and productivity, the company has also seen positive effects in driver retention as well.
  • Top line growth
    Partly as a result of the strong driver retention, RBX has been able to grow by 10% this year.

"It's just a better system and our drivers learn a lot more than what we were using before. We plan to continue on and it will only improve our operation."
Jon Peavey
VP Operations
RBX Inc.

"RBX has put together a nice combination of focused intervention and ongoing refreshers, and the early results are undeniable. Their experience also shows that a good training program does more than just improve safety - it helps with driver retention and enables business growth as well."
Jane Jazrawy

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