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Innovative Programs Deliver Outsized Results for Small Carrier

Based in Oklahoma City, FTC Transportation (FTCT) operates 35 trucks, providing for-hire services and also acting as core carrier for the Feed the Children Program. While it may not be one of the largest fleets in the industry, its combination of safety and driver management programs have delivered some impressive results.

Safety Programs

FTCT's safety programs combine online training with regular yard activities to ensure drivers understand both the theory and practice of staying safe.

The fleet uses the CarriersEdge system to deliver interactive training directly to drivers, and recently started issuing tablets so drivers could have easier access to the content. The interactive training is supplemented by company-specific safety newsletters and monthly safety meeting minutes, which are also delivered to drivers through the CarriersEdge service.

Balancing out the online training is an exercise that's become a favorite among drivers - the vehicle inspection contest. Modeled after the national truck driving championships, the contest sees the company planting defects on a truck and trailer in the yard and challenging drivers to find them. Drivers with the best scores receive rewards and recognition, and competition has become fierce. In recent years, the company has expanded the skills competition to include driving challenges at its terminal, creating its own internal championship program.

Team Building

Highlighting the best scores in driving or inspection challenges is only one of many ways FTCT shines a spotlight on its star performers. The company also recognizes its best in safety, fuel efficiency, mentoring, and all around performance as well, with a total of eight different awards given out each year.

Public recognition and friendly competition among drivers can certainly help spur performance, but FTCT keeps people engaged across the entire organization as well. In addition to the monthly safety meetings, it holds regular informal roundtables to collect driver feedback, has management do ridealongs to experience life on the road, and maintains an active social media presence. That variety of communication channels helps the company stay in tune with driver needs and gives everyone a chance to contribute. As one driver noted, "I always feel like we're in this together to achieve the same thing. Makes driving here low stress."


Also helping to lower the stress are FTCT's generous policies for time off. Recognizing that a well-rested driver is a safer driver, the company provides 11 paid stat holidays and up to 30 days paid vacation per year. Drivers have plenty of time to recharge at home and maintain a comfortable work/life balance before hitting the road again.


FTCT has seen positive results from these efforts across the board, and they've received plenty of third-party recognition as well:

  • Five consecutive years as a Best Fleet to Drive For
  • Three consecutive years as one of Oklahoma's top workplaces
  • Two time grand trophy winner in TCA's National Fleet Safety Award
  • Platinum and Gold safety awards from its insurer

"FTC demonstrates that you don't have to be a big company to deliver big results. Their combination of innovative safety programs help drivers continuously improve, in a way that's engaging and enjoyable. Outstanding communication and recognition programs just reinforce that, creating a culture of success that continues to feed itself."
Jane Jazrawy

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