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Updated Safety Program Cuts Inspection Failures by 50%

Transpro Freight Systems operates a fleet of 107 trucks, with a combination of company drivers and owner-operators, providing cross-border truckload and LTL services.


  • Reduce Roadside Inspection Failures
    Costs from failed vehicle inspections were increasing, and delivery performance was being noticed by customers


Transpro launched a multipronged initiative that included expanded maintenance, enhanced training programs, and concerted coaching efforts as well.

The company used the CarriersEdge interactive online training service to provide training for new hires and veterans alike. A series of 10 modules is provided to new hires before they start, and many complete those courses before arriving on the first day. After orientation, regular refreshers are provided to keep drivers fresh and help them avoid the kinds of driving infraction (e.g. failing to signal a lane change) that can lead to roadside inspections.

Supplementing the online training, Transpro expanded its in-person safety meetings to include vehicle inspection exercises, giving drivers a chance to practice and learn as a group.

Finally, an increase in maintenance staff ensured that all reported problems got resolved quickly and completely, minimizing the chances for problems on the road.


  • Inspection failure rate reduced
    Once the program was fully implemented, inspection failures dropped by 50%.
  • Reduced moving violations
    While not as dramatic as the drop in inspection failures, minor driving violations also dropped.
  • Improved relations with maintenance
    Maintenance turnaround times and overall communication between maintenance staff and drivers improved dramatically. Drivers reported higher satisfaction with maintenance as a whole.

"While their initial focus was reducing failed roadside inspections, Transpro's approach targeted all the little things that contribute to those failures, resulting in noticeable improvements across several other areas as well."
Jane Jazrawy

"Coupling online training with our orientation and safety programs is a winning combination. For companies looking at ways to train their drivers, CarriersEdge is the first place they should be looking."
Michael Frolick
Safety & Compliance Direction
Transpro Freight Systems

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