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Redesigned Safety Program Cuts OOS Violations and Saves Money

E.G. Gray Transportation Ltd. operates a fleet of 40 trucks, providing full truckload, LTL and logistics services to customers across the US and Canada.


  • Reduce Out-of-Service violations
    OOS violation rates were increasing, approaching intervention threshold levels.
  • Improve overall quality of drivers
    Many drivers were missed by existing safety programs, leaving gaps in performance and quality.
  • Improve safety return on investment
    Increasing staff and incidental costs for safety programs weren't being reflected in the performance of those programs, and wasn't improving.


E.G. Gray implemented the CarriersEdge interactive online training service more than five years ago, moving its in-person driver meetings online.

The company replaced weekend meetings with online programs from the CarriersEdge library of courses, and expanded its programs to include all drivers at both its terminals. A regular monthly schedule of assignments was developed, with subjects matching seasonal and business needs, or performance trends in the fleet.

The company also introduced a coaching program that saw safety administrators working with individual drivers to improve specific areas as needed, based on results from the online programs.

Finally, an expanded driver screening program was added to the on-boarding process, including standardized testing to determine regulatory knowledge of new drivers.


  • Lower OOS violation rate
    Within a year of implementing the new program, OOS violation rates had dropped by 50%.
  • Improved driver quality
    Participation in the new programs, and completion of quarterly assignments, hit 100% less than six months after implementation, elimintating inconsistencies and dramatically reducing previous performance gaps.
  • Reduced cost of safety
    The reduced number of weekend driver meeting provided corresponding savings in staff and overhead costs, greatly improving the total return on safety investment.

"By moving their driver meetings online, E.G. Gray made it easy for all drivers to participate. That in turn provided expanded data that their trainers could use for individual coaching sessions, helping drivers even more. With those components working together, it's no wonder they saw such dramatic results in their violation rates."
Jane Jazrawy

"Our experience with CarriersEdge has been excellent. We've been able to get our drivers' competency levels up significantly and they have a much better grasp of how to apply the regulations day to day."
Steve Brownell
Vice President Compliance & Communications
E.G. Gray Transportation Ltd.

To learn more about E.G. Gray's experiences, see their Customer Video on Vimeo.

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