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Expanded Training and Bonus Program Leads to Significant Improvements in Safety Costs

Zavcor Trucking Limited, based in Stevensville, Ontario, Canada, is a privately owned and operated transportation business that specializes in hauling temperature controlled and general freight to a growing list of shippers. The company offers services throughout the US and Canada with a fleet of 60 trucks.


  • Lower its accident frequency rate
    With a 2014 accident cost as high as $64.34 per 1,000 miles traveled, Zavcor Trucking set a goal of reducing that to $25.00 per 1,000 miles.
  • Reduce fines and inspection violations
    Zavcor Trucking was experiencing safety scores, particularly in the area of Hours of Service, as high as 95.3% of the intervention threshold, compared to the national average.
  • Maintain a high level of fuel efficiency
    While Zavcor Trucking drivers were already posting strong average fuel economy numbers, the company wanted to ensure those numbers didn't suffer while other areas were improved.


Zavcor Trucking Limited implemented interactive online training about four years ago, expanding its driver training without impacting operations. Previously, the company had employed traditional driver meetings and training sessions.

Today, the company uses the CarriersEdge library of courses as part of the on-boarding of new drivers, including new hires without any driving experience. Required courses include defensive driving and HOS & Logbooks. Online courses are also used for remedial training and drivers are not dispatched until they have completed assigned modules. Zavcor Trucking has also implemented an optional training program, where drivers can request to complete additional courses for financial reward.

The company's driver bonus program was updated to focus more specifically on overall performance in speed and fuel management, inspections and cost of losses. Performance thresholds within the bonus program were created as well, and the company set a goal to have 95% of drivers achieve the top level Elite status.

Finally, regular training on fuel efficient driving practices was provided to drivers, and supplemented by coaching from driver trainers.


  • A lower accident frequency rate
    By the end of 2015 the accident frequency rate per 1,000 miles traveled at Zavcor Trucking had dropped to an average of $16.63, well below both the 2014 rate of $64.34, and the $25.00 per 1,000-mile target.
  • Reduced fines and inspection violations
    From a high of 95.3% compared to the national average, as of early October 2016 the safety measurement statistic for HOS had dropped to 0.02% resulting in significant savings from lower fines and inspection violations.
  • Maintaining fuel efficiency
    Throughout this 2 year period, Zavcor Trucking maintained its fleet MPG average.

"By moving their training online, and supplementing it with updated bonus and coaching programs, Zavcor was able to greatly expand the reach and effectiveness of its driver improvement programs. The blended approach keeps drivers focused on the goals, and the results speak for themselves!"
Jane Jazrawy

"CarriersEdge helps us identify training deficiencies and focus on areas needing attention while not spending time on topics where a driver is already proficient. Their adult learning approach to complex topics ensures drivers learn the material and is a gentle way to remind them about things they may have forgotten. We will continue to utilize CarriersEdge and the ever expanding offerings it brings."
Chrissy Trombley
H.R./ Risk Manager
Zavcor Trucking Limited

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