About CarriersEdge

CarriersEdge is a leading provider of online driver training for the trucking industry. With a comprehensive library of safety and compliance courses, supported by advanced management and reporting functions, CarriersEdge helps hundreds of fleets train their drivers without sacrificing miles or requiring people to come in on weekends. CarriersEdge is also the creator of the Best Fleets to Drive For program, an annual evaluation of the best workplaces in the North American trucking industry, produced in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association.

CarriersEdge is located at:
675 Cochrane Drive
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Jane Jazrawy & Mark Murrell

Mark Murrell & Jane Jazrawy are co-founders of CarriersEdge, and creators of the Best Fleets to Drive For program. Having worked together more than 20 years, at 4 different companies, the pair have delivered education and performance improvement solutions to more than 2 million people at companies around the world, in industry sectors as diverse as transportation, mining, manufacturing, finance, hi-tech, retail, and government services.

With the launch of CarriersEdge in 2005, and Best Fleets to Drive For in 2008, Murrell and Jazrawy have focused on helping North American trucking companies improve the overall quality of their drivers and both are active writers, speakers, and industry advocates.


  • CarriersEdge launched in Canada - September 2005
  • Best Fleets to Drive For launched, in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association - August 2008
  • First courses available in French - September 2010
  • BC Trucking Association becomes 5th provincial trucking association to endorse CarriersEdge - June 2014
  • CarriersEdge launched in US, Truckload Carriers Association becomes 1st US reseller - February 2015
  • First courses available in Punjabi - May 2016
  • CarriersEdge launches first mobile app dedicated to driver training - May 2016
  • 500th fleet customer comes on board - September 2016
  • First courses available in Spanish - January 2017

Press Releases

May 16th, 2017
New CarriersEdge Course Teaches Drivers How To Handle Accident Reporting

CarriersEdge, a leading provider of training for the trucking industry has added to its extensive list of courses a topic that drivers hope they'll never need but will find hugely valuable if they do.

That subject: Accident reporting.

CarriersEdge's new training module takes drivers through the legal and safety procedures and responsibilities following an accident to protect themselves, the carrier and other involved motorists and passengers.

"The best time to plan how to handle an accident is before it happens," said Jane Jazrawy, chief executive officer of CarriersEdge. "We've designed a course to give drivers the tools they need so that when an accident occurs they know how to prevent further damage or injury, work with law-enforcement and emergency personnel, and gather information, all while staying calm."

The CarriersEdge course is much more than a basic list of steps to follow at an accident scene, Jazrawy added. It teaches a full process "so that it's easy to remember and a driver can respond appropriately in a high-stress situation."

As with other courses in the CarriersEdge library, the accident–reporting training combines text, audio, pictures and graphics in an interactive format to enhance retention of the information. It's designed like other CarriersEdge courses to be available online, on laptops or mobile devices, and accessible at whatever time and location is most convenient to the driver.

The course teaches a simple four-step process – stop, secure, report and document – and what goes into each. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Appropriate behavior at an accident scene;
  • How to secure a vehicle with warning signals;
  • How to assist the injured;
  • Information to be included in an accident report and how to collect witness information and take photographs;
  • Drug and alcohol testing.

The course also includes a segment on a topic that is rarely included in other training, but is an important matter for drivers: post-traumatic stress disorder for drivers involved in accidents.

CarriersEdge developed the course in response to feedback from its fleet customers as well as insurance companies with which it works. "Our insurance partners really saw a gap in their clients' knowledge base with regard to accident scene reporting," Jazrawy said. "We were able to combine our own research into truck-safety best practices and what those partners have learned to come up with training that answers that need."

The course is integrated into CarriersEdge's system that allows carriers and fleet operators to efficiently and effectively manage employee training. The CarriersEdge library includes more than 70 full-length and refresher/remedial courses, covering topics from the safe securing of cargo to hours-of-service rules and logbooks to defensive and winter driving.

Interested parties can learn more or sign up for a free trial of the main CarriersEdge system on its website carriersedge.com. They can try the course directly by contacting support@carriersedge.com or 905-530-2430. CarriersEdge offers monthly subscription pricing with unlimited use of its courses for a fixed rate.

"No one wants to be involved in an accident, but the reality is they can happen to even the safest drivers," Jazrawy said. "This course will give drivers an easy-to-remember, easy-to-use method for handling accidents in a professional manner, keeping a bad situation from becoming worse."

February 21st, 2017
Gaining Valuable Feedback From Drivers
CarriersEdge makes driver surveys part of its comprehensive online offering of driver training and management tools

Markham, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced that customers now have the ability to conduct customized driver surveys on the CarriersEdge platform in order to gain valuable insight into company performance and driver satisfaction.

"Every year when we produce the Best Fleets to Drive For program with the Truckload Carriers Association we survey thousands of drivers, collecting feedback on what they like and don't like about their companies," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "Smarter fleets use those results internally in their decision making processes and the most successful fleets are companies that regularly poll drivers for feedback on various aspects of the job. Now, CarriersEdge customers will have the ability to conduct driver surveys directly and use the highly refined set of features we've developed for collecting feedback."

Now in its ninth year, the Best Fleets to Drive For program is an annual survey and contest produced by CarriersEdge and TCA to identify for-hire carriers providing the best workplace experiences for their drivers.

With the new CarriersEdge Driver Surveys, customers will have the option to create any number of surveys, with any number and combination of questions, and allow drivers to write in comments. Surveys can be assigned to all drivers, or used to target designated groups based on job type, location, fleet or any other parameter. Carriers can also set access limits for survey completion and designate surveys as anonymous or named. Reports on results can be accessed in an overall view or by individual responses, as well as filtered by region, manager or other criteria.

CarriersEdge has also created survey templates, in some cases based on successful ideas gathered through the Best Fleet to Drive For program, for subjects such as employee engagement, driver exit and shipper rating. The shipper rating survey allows fleets to ask drivers to rate a load or experience shortly after completing a delivery. The feedback can then be used as a foundation for discussions with customers to improve driver experience.

"Our customers now have the power to use the same questionnaire we use in the Best Fleets To Drive For program or to create their own surveys about company-specific initiatives as often as they'd like," Jazrawy stated. "Being able to collect feedback from drivers, combined with all of our existing tools for managing assignments, tracking deadlines and completion status, and detailed filtering and analytics, gives them highly valuable information for improving driver satisfaction."

February 2nd, 2017
CarriersEdge Addresses Food Safety Training
Online module prepares drivers for safe food handling and transportation

Markham, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced Food Safety for Drivers, a training module for preparing drivers to meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

"Food Safety for Drivers prepares drivers for transporting food in accordance with FSMA regulations," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "Along with importers, manufacturers, shippers and carriers, drivers have an important role to play in the safe transportation of food. This new course focuses on FSMA regulations and best practices to help drivers prevent food contamination."

Food Safety for Drivers is a 30-minute module that uses images, interactivity and real life examples to cover what drivers need to know about preparing themselves and their trailers for transporting food in accordance with FSMA regulations. The module includes quizzes and a final test, which carriers can use to maintain food safety training records.

After completing the module, drivers will be able to describe hazards that cause food contamination and how food borne illnesses occur, explain the purpose of the FSMA regulations, describe their responsibilities in safely transporting food, list good hygiene practices, explain how a refrigeration unit works and how to prepare, inspect, pre-cool and load a trailer as well as monitoring cargo. Topics covered in the Food Safety for Drivers course include:

  • Good Hygiene Practices, including wearing appropriate clothing, covering skin abrasions, proper hand sanitation, how to cough and sneeze properly and activities to avoid
  • Preparing the Trailer, including checking the trailer's condition, with special consideration for items such as the air delivery chute, doors, as well as signs of rodent or insect infestation, cleaning the trailer, inspecting the refrigeration unit and correct pre-cooling procedures
  • Loading the Trailer, including temperature management, packaging, placement, and segregation of cargo, as well as allowing for sufficient airflow, and documentation
January 17th, 2017
CarriersEdge Releases Spanish Courses
Online safety training courses now available in a fourth language

Markham, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced the first of a series of training courses that have been translated to help meet the needs of Spanish speaking drivers.

"An increasing number of trucking companies are employing drivers whose first language is Spanish," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "Providing Spanish language online driver training courses to the transportation industry will enable those drivers to be trained more effectively to operate safely, and can allow fleets to attract drivers that are more comfortable learning the material in Spanish."

The first CarriersEdge courses to be made available in Spanish cover a series of titles related to HOS and logbooks. Spanish titles planned for the future include Vehicle Inspections and the CarriersEdge Defensive Driving suite that covers the basics of defensive driving, speed and space management, changing lanes and passing, navigating intersections, handling turns and curves, backing techniques, and dealing with adverse conditions.

CarriersEdge customers can receive the new Spanish courses as part of their subscription or the courses can be purchased individually through CarriersEdge partners.

Endorsed by insurers and associations, the CarriersEdge course library now includes more than 65 different training modules in English, French, Spanish and Punjabi. All translated courses include the full range of instructional tools found in the English language versions- text, images, animation, voiceover, interactive quizzes - providing a consistent education experience, regardless of the chosen language.

For more information, visit www.CarriersEdge.com/learn-more

November 17th, 2016
Zavcor Trucking Realizes Savings With CarriersEdge
Cross border refrigerated and dry freight carrier is reducing accident frequency, violation and management costs, and improving fuel efficiency with CarriersEdge online training and compliance tools

Markham, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced that Zavcor Trucking Limited is reporting significantly lower accident frequency, fine and violation rates, and improved fuel economy with its interactive training courses.

"We're realizing savings in several ways by using CarriersEdge for training," said Chrissy Trombley, H.R./ risk manager at Zavcor Trucking Limited. "Our accident frequency rate has dropped by 75%, fines and inspection violations are down over 95%, and fuel efficiency is 25% above the corporate target. There is also a payoff in the time we save using CarriersEdge to manage compliance for 60 drivers. Overall, we have a safer, better trained pool of drivers with CarriersEdge for a relatively small investment."

Zavcor Trucking adopted CarriersEdge online training about four years ago. Previously, the company employed traditional driver meetings and training sessions. Today, the company uses the CarriersEdge library of courses to train new drivers, including new hires without any driving experience, and for remedial and refresher training. Required courses include defensive driving and HOS and logbook instruction while drivers can request to complete additional courses for a financial reward.

"CarriersEdge helps us identify training deficiencies and focus on areas needing attention while not spending time on topics where a driver is already proficient," Trombley stated. "Their adult learning approach to complex topics ensures drivers learn the material and is a gentle way to remind them about things they may have forgotten. It also keeps us compliant, and with CarriersEdge there's always a focus on responding to our needs and to providing information that's important in our operation, such as the new Border Crossing courses they just introduced."

Zavcor Trucking Limited, based in Stevensville, Ontario, is a privately owned and operated transportation business that specializes in hauling temperature controlled and general freight to a growing list of shippers. The company offers services across Canada and into the U.S. with a fleet of 60 trucks.

"The experience at Zavcor Trucking is proof that our approach to online training can help carriers realize cost savings and other benefits," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO at CarriersEdge. "We are pleased they have adopted our library of safety and compliance courses and our compliance management tools."

For a detailed case study on how Zavcor Trucking Limited is using CarriersEdge training to lower accident frequency, fine and violation rates, and improve fuel economy, visit www.carriersedge.com/community.

October 24th, 2016
CarriersEdge Offers Vehicle Inspection Training Courses
Provider of online driver training for the North American trucking industry introduces a new course covering proper inspection procedures

Markham, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced a full suite of Vehicle Inspection courses for both U.S. transportation companies and their drivers.

"Industry statistics continue to show that many top violations related to brakes, lights and tires could have been easily avoided with proper pre-trip, en route and post-trip driver inspections," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "Our new Vehicle Inspection courses, based on information from industry experts as well as the CVSA and FMCSA, help make sure drivers gain a full understanding of the importance of inspections and how to properly complete them."

The new CarriersEdge Vehicle Inspection courses employ the company’s proven interactive learning approach and provide in a single resource how inspections should be conducted, how components should be checked, and how to identify defects.

The suite of Vehicle Inspection courses includes four modules that can be completed separately or at one time:

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, including the different types of inspections a driver is required to perform, the sections of the report, how to identify a defect using the report, and how to indicate a repair. CVSA Critical Vehicle Inspection Items as well as minimum DVIR requirements and additional items in part 393 are also covered.

Inspection Practices covers best practices to follow during an inspection, including having the right tools, staying safe, and how to handle a roadside inspection by commercial vehicle enforcement personnel. Brakes, lights and tires, which make up the most common violations, are discussed in detail, including the proper methods to inspect those systems and components. A guide to measuring pushrod stroke, determining brake chamber type, and in-cab brake tests is also included.

Inspecting the Truck guides drivers through how to conduct an inspection of the tractor, including what to look for as they approach the vehicle and in the engine compartment. How to check the condition of fluids, belts and hoses, as well as main engine systems are also covered. During the module, the driver is also given a detailed look at the components to inspect at each axle, on each side of the cab, at the rear of the tractor, and inside the cab.

Inspecting the Trailer guides drivers through how to inspect the body of the trailer, the proper method of coupling a trailer and how to inspect the coupling components, as well as items to inspect at each axle. In addition, how to inspect underneath and inside a trailer are covered, along with conducting inspections when a trailer is sealed.

October 12th, 2016
CarriersEdge Reveals Early Best Fleets To Drive For Results
Annual Best Fleets To Drive For survey produced by CarriersEdge for TCA shows how carriers can provide the best workplace experience for drivers

Markham, ON - As a record breaking number of nominations are rolling in for the ninth annual Best Fleets to Drive For survey produced by CarriersEdge in partnership with the Truckload Carriers Association, CarriersEdge is revealing initial survey results that show drivers value high quality equipment, a responsive, thorough maintenance department, and schedules and routes that assure off-duty time at home.

"We are just more than half way through the nomination period for 2017 and have already received as many nominations as we normally see during the entire program," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry. "We believe this rate of response indicates an increasing number of fleets are working hard to make sure their drivers are happy. The drivers turning in the nominations are very eager to tell us why they prefer working for their company."

Launched in 2008 by CarriersEdge as a service to the industry, the Best Fleets to Drive For award is fast becoming a coveted honor and the survey results are providing a wealth of information into driver likes and dislikes. The 2017 nomination period runs until October 31, 2016.

In addition to valuing high quality equipment, responsive and thorough maintenance, and schedules and routes that assure off-duty time at home, initial survey results indicate that drivers want a "family atmosphere" where they have a say in the development of policies and operational practices. Honest, open management, including many comments about "taking the time to listen" to drivers were also noted as very important to a number of drivers.

Of the 5,300 driver surveys received in 2016 for the eighth annual event, only 28% of respondents said pay was something that needed to be improved, Jazrawy noted. That reference, however was not just about wages; it also included other pay issues, such as better pay for non-driving work, like waiting at the border, or working on holidays.

2017 survey questions will ask companies how much time drivers spend on the road, whether they provide guaranteed pay and paid waiting time, and what in-cab amenities they offer. In addition, for the first time the topic of diversity will have its own scoring section. Fleets will be asked what they are doing to bring a more diverse driver pool into the industry.

Now in its ninth year, the Best Fleets to Drive For program accepts nominations of carriers by one of their drivers. Management at a nominated carrier then completes a questionnaire about all departments in a company, and participates in an interview. The next step in the evaluation process is to survey a portion of each nominated company’s drivers. In late January, CarriersEdge and TCA announce the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For and then reveal two overall winners from among the Top 20 at the TCA Convention in March.

CLICK HERE for a nomination form for the 2017 Best Fleets To Drive For survey.

October 11th, 2016
Hazardous Materials Carrier Matrix, Inc. Selects CarriersEdge for Driver Training
Truckload, hazardous materials and expedited service provider switches to the CarriersEdge online, interactive safety training platform

Markham, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced that Matrix, Inc. has adopted its driver training courses and online training platform.

"We moved our driver training program to the CarriersEdge platform from another provider in June of this year because its approach helps improve the safety rating of our company," said Ivelina Atanasova, an owner at Matrix, Inc. who oversees safety programs. "The CarriersEdge library of courses is more up to date and they are continually adding new topics and modules. The platform also enables drivers to better understand the material and that results in safer operations."

Headquartered in Bensenville, Illinois, Matrix, Inc. is a 48-state truckload general freight, hazardous materials and expedited service provider. The carrier operates 65 trucks and employs 70 drivers, including teams.

"The CarriersEdge approach enables drivers to learn a topic from their perspective, rather than simply providing a definition of the subject like our previous solution," Atanasova stated. "It teaches them what they need to do instead of having them simply watch a video and take a test. That's especially important when it comes to things like log books or hazardous materials training."

Today, Matrix is using CarriersEdge for new hire orientation, including 16 drivers added since June, and to meet ongoing compliance requirements for existing drivers and office staff. The solution is also used for refresher training when a driver has a violation that needs to be addressed. All training is assigned on the CarriersEdge platform and is managed in the carrier's online safety education center.

"We set out to streamline training management and improve safety for Matrix by providing courses that engage all types of drivers, regardless of their level of experience," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "We're pleased that after switching from a simple video-based system to our interactive instructional approach and extensive library of courses that Matrix has quickly realized the value we can provide."

September 20th, 2016
Abenaqui Carriers Switches to CarriersEdge
Hazardous materials carrier transitions to the CarriersEdge online platform for effective and affordable driver training

Markham, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced that Abenaqui Carriers has full transitioned its driver training to CarriersEdge courses and its online training platform.

"CarriersEdge courses are the best value on the market," said Sheryl Smith, safety manager at Abenaqui Carriers. "Other companies, including our previous provider, are either expensive and time consuming or inexpensive but have little to offer in terms of content. It's not purely about dollars and cents but with CarriersEdge we have a driver training solution that's both effective and affordable."

Abenaqui Carriers, based in North Hampton, New Hampshire, is a family owned and operated diversified hazardous material carrier. Founded in 1973, the company specializes in transporting gasoline, jet fuel, aviation gasoline, propane, heating oil, bio fuels, ethanol and natural gas. Its fleet of over 50 tractors and 65 trailers services customers in New England, New York and eastern Canadian provinces from several terminals.

Beginning in late 2015, after using a different provider for three years, Abenaqui Carriers began providing CarriersEdge courses to its 70 company drivers, including new hires and existing operators requiring refresher and certification training.

Today, the company is using CarriersEdge tests as a baseline for gauging the training needs of new drivers, as well as its Hazardous Materials training courses to maintain compliance with the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Companies that achieve C-TPAT certification have a documented process for determining and alleviating risk, resulting in expedited processing of their cargo.

"Although our previous training course provider offered a multitude of topics, many of the presentations were not of a high quality and the information was limited to a beginner commercial driver," Smith stated. "We only have to hire about one new driver every six months, and we only hire drivers with two years of over-the-road experience, but we still need courses that are informative and that are presented in an educational format that treats new and seasoned drivers as professionals. With CarriersEdge we have the content, the presentation and the testing we need.

"CarriersEdge also provides an affordable means of training drivers who are based at remote locations, some as far as 100 miles away," Smith added. "Their bundled pricing structure based on the courses we provide rather than charging by driver is more cost effective, and their online instructional approach helps us keep drivers up to date on training with much less of an impact on our dispatch schedules or their availability."

Abenaqui Carriers is also using the CarriersEdge platform to provide company specific information to drivers, including presentations on emergency response guidelines, security plans, and cargo tank rollover protection, as well as things like videos on aggressive driving and road rage.

"We design our courses at CarriersEdge to fully engage drivers in the learning process, regardless of their learning style, age or industry experience," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "We're very pleased that Abenaqui Carriers has recognized the value of our instructional approach, which fosters a deeper understanding of course material than simple video-based offerings."

September 6th, 2016
TCA and CarriersEdge Seek the Best Fleets to Drive For® in North America
All it takes is one nomination from a professional truck driver to get a company started in the 9th annual survey and contest

Alexandria, Virginia - From within the trucking industry, there are companies that stand out from the rest. Their workplace environments are considered exceptional because they feature attractive compensation and benefits, an enviable company culture, or perhaps unique perks and incentives for their employees. To identify and recognize them, Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) and CarriersEdge offer Best Fleets to Drive For®, an annual contest and survey now in its ninth year.

Nominations must come from professional truck drivers and can be made online at BestFleetsToDriveFor.com. The nomination period is open between September 6 and October 31, 2016.

Once a company accepts the nomination and agrees to participate, CarriersEdge will contact them for more details through an electronic questionnaire and telephone interview. They will speak with senior management and a random sampling of the company's drivers to learn more about the company's compensation, safety practices, benefits, equipment, training, etc. Ultimately, the survey answers reveal the innovations that have proven successful in attracting and retaining skilled personnel in the trucking industry.

According to Jane Jazrawy, chief executive officer of CarriersEdge, "This year, in addition to our usual questions, we're going to be asking fleets about how much time their drivers spend on the road, whether they provide guaranteed pay and paid waiting time, and what in-cab amenities they offer. We'll also get into the topic of diversity, asking what fleets are doing to bring a more diverse driver pool to the industry. For the first time, this will have its own scored section."

John Lyboldt, TCA's president, added: "Through our questions to the nominated fleets, we will unearth and publicize the most popular benefits and perks that are being implemented right now. These are the things that are keeping current drivers happy, while enticing potential new drivers to join our industry."

To be eligible, a for-hire fleet must have 10 or more trucks and operate in the U.S. or Canada. TCA membership is not required. The top 20 finishers will be identified as Best Fleets to Drive For® and will be announced in January 2017. From this pool, companies will then be divided into both "small" and "large" categories, and two overall winners will be recognized March 26-29, 2017, at the TCA Annual Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

In late-October, companies that have been nominated (or believe they will be nominated) and are considering participating are invited to learn more about the survey requirements through a free Webinar. More details will be released as they are finalized, but the event will outline the questions that surveyors will ask, data requirements, and methods for collecting better information more easily.

To view best practices from last year's survey as well as profiles of the overall winners, visit BestFleetsToDriveFor.com. To view the program's Facebook page, visit www.facebook.com/BestFleetsToDriveFor.

August 30th, 2016
KRTS Transportation Specialists Addresses Trainer Shortage
Provider of commercial driver training uses the CarriersEdge online platform to more effectively and efficiently deliver its driver training services

MARKHAM, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced that KRTS Transportation Specialists is helping alleviate the lack of driver trainers by employing its library of interactive e-learning courses.

"As fleets and schools try to resolve the growing and ongoing need for instructors, CarriersEdge gives us a huge advantage over our competitors," said Kim Richardson, president of KRTS Transportation Specialists. "As part of a combination of classroom and in-vehicle training, CarriersEdge online training is a very effective and efficient way to get drivers up to speed, especially if instructor and trainer resources are limited.

"CarriersEdge is also in tune with industry needs to meet stringent training standards," Richardson added. "Their interactive approach is designed to engage the driver, regardless of learning style, age or industry experience. We also utilize the CarriersEdge platform for our instructors so they have the same knowledge base as our students."

KRTS Transportation Specialists, based in Caledonia, Ontario, offers specialized training for the transportation industry. Its vast range of services includes a combination of online, classroom and in-vehicle commercial driver training, defensive driving, logbook, dangerous goods and air brake endorsement courses, and trainer development programs.

KRTS Transportation Specialists maintains industry affiliations that include Kim Richardson's involvement with the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) for the past 20 years. The nonprofit organization develops uniform skill performance, curriculum and certification standards for the trucking industry. Richardson also serves on the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) School Committee that works with schools and motor carriers to share training, recruitment and retention best practices.

"While the commercial trucking industry continues to struggle with a shortage of drivers, fleets and driving schools are also faced with needing instructors," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "A lack of instructors makes it even harder to meet the demand for drivers. KRTS Transportation Specialists demonstrates how our course and e-learning approach can let schools train more students effectively with fewer instructors. We are committed to providing our platform and training courses to meet their needs."

August 9th, 2016
Impact Training Solutions Launches Ignite eLearning
Powered by CarriersEdge, Ignite eLearning driver training courses are enhancing Safety, Loss Prevention, Compliance, Operational, and Employee Development programs

MARKHAM, ON - Kelly Anderson, president of Impact Training Solutions announced today that he will be using CarriersEdge as the foundation for for Ignite eLearning service.

"With Ignite eLearning, we are building on the comprehensive services we offer our customers," said Anderson. "The CarriersEdge approach to interactive online training helps our clients improve their training and compliance programs by offering a better learning experience and content, including the information and techniques needed to help make our customers successful today and proactively prepared for tomorrow.

"Our Ignite eLearning service provides the courses our clients need for their drivers, when they need them, without being locked into a long-term contract, Anderson continued. "Our customers are also able to customize their training programs by uploading their own content directly into Ignite, which further streamlines the distribution of training materials and compliance management."

Ignite eLearning includes a wide range of courses for professional drivers, office personnel, and technicians. As an option, Impact offers the only fully managed online training program in the transportation industry. Impact currently manages online training for over 90 fleets.

"We are very pleased to announce that Impact Training Solutions has decided to use our online training program as the foundation for their Ignite eLearning service," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO at CarriersEdge.

"Our approach to providing training without disrupting operations and to presenting complex safety and other topics in an interactive context, as well as the ability to manage compliance more effectively, will be a great benefit to the company and its trucking industry clients."

July 19th, 2016
CarriersEdge Offers Border Crossing Driver Training Courses
Provider of online driver training for the North American trucking industry introduces new Security and Threat Awareness and Inspection courses

MARKHAM, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced that its interactive learning approach is available in a series of new Border Crossing/C-TPAT courses for drivers. The courses cover Security and Threat Awareness, Security Inspections and Successful Border Crossing.

"Canada and the United States share the longest land border in the world that thousands of trucks and about $500 million in trade cross daily," said Mark Murrell, VP, sales & marketing, at CarriersEdge. "It can be a long and frustrating task when a driver is not prepared with an understanding of security issues. Our new Border Crossing training courses explain security inspections, procedures and issues to minimize a driver's chances of facing long delays at the border."

Motor carriers with C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification are required to perform inspections and to provide driver training. The new CarriersEdge Border Crossing/C-TPAT courses help ensure drivers are fully prepared at the border and that inspections are completed properly.

The new CarriersEdge Border Crossing training courses are divided into four modules, which can be completed separately or at one time. Included are a single course incorporating all modules that is designed for orientation purposes, and the following three modules for refresher or remedial training:

  • C-TPAT/PIP Security and Threat Awareness covers five main areas where possible security issues can arise, including at the terminal, before the trip, on the road, during a stop and during a delivery. Additionally it covers threat awareness including such topics as how to recognize suspicious behavior, communication practices, and how to handle a hijacking.
  • C-TPAT/PIP Security Inspections covers when and how to conduct a security inspection on trailers or containers and on security seals, and how these practices differ from regular pre-trip inspections.
  • Successful Border Crossing covers how to minimize a driver's chances of facing long delays at the US/Canada border by focusing on border security and customs pre-clearance programs, personal identification needs, vehicle requirements, and a variety of best practices.

C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a voluntary program from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) focused on improving the security of supply chains with respect to terrorism. Companies that achieve C-TPAT certification have a documented process for determining and alleviating risk, resulting in expedited processing of their cargo. The Partners in Protection (PIP) program is a voluntary commercial security program between the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and companies involved in cross-border trade. PIP members commit to securing the supply chain by complying with physical, infrastructure and procedural security measures.

CarriersEdge courses are designed to provide interactive training for drivers, regardless of their learning style, age or industry experience. This instructional approach fosters a deeper understanding of course material than simple video-based offerings by fully engaging drivers in the e-learning process.

June 30th, 2016
Millennials are Diverse - Trucking Should Pay Attention
CarriersEdge CEO addresses the role that age, gender and ethnicity can play in attracting and retaining drivers

MARKHAM, ON/INDIANAPOLIS - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today presented here at Truckload Carriers Association's new WorkForce Builders Conference (WFBCON) the results of detailed research indicating how age, ethnic and gender diversity can help alleviate the driver shortage.

"Millennials, the group that trucking wants to target to help with the driver shortage, represent more than one quarter of the U.S. population and have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "They are also the most diverse generation with 44.2% part of a minority race or ethnic group and 38% bilingual.

"Ethnic diversity is becoming a competitive differentiator," Jazrawy added. "Companies with ethnic diversity have higher earnings and are better able to win top talent."

According to research by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Jazrawy reported, companies in the top quartile for both gender and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have above average financial returns and those in the top quarter for gender diversity only are 15% more likely.

Jazrawy's presentation at WFBCON also included data from a new report by the UCLA Study for the Center for Inequality and the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies indicating that overall the fastest growing populations are non-white. Nationwide, the percentage of minorities climbed from 32.9% in 2004 to 37.9% in 2014.

"From a driver shortage point of view there is under-representation of minorities in trucking, and there has been very little attention paid to this fact," Jazrawy stated. "The focus has been on women and veterans because there are larger numbers of people in both of those groups, but it is an oversight to not look harder at what trucking companies could be doing to attract and retain ethnic minorities."

Jazrawy also reported on successful practices among fleets in the Best Fleets to Drive For program. The annual survey and contest produced by CarriersEdge and the Truckload Carriers Association identifies for-hire carriers providing the best workplace experiences for their drivers.

"Some of the Best Fleets," Jazrawy said, "have bilingual staff that includes driver supervisors, recruiters and trainers, as well as payroll and safety personnel. They also work with drivers to make accommodations for particular religious beliefs, for instance allowing drivers to be home on certain days or not hauling products like alcohol or pork. Best Fleets also provide separate shower and bathroom facilities for men and women, and have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

"It's more than being an equal opportunity employer," Jazrawy stated. "To effectively address the driver shortage, trucking companies should look at ways to entice more Millennials, women and ethnic minorities of all types. These large workforce groups have choices, so the more things that trucking companies can do to be appealing employers, the more likely it is that they will choose a career as a truck driver."

June 6th, 2016
CarriersEdge Offers Mobile Training App For Drivers
Trucking's first dedicated mobile app for driver training is now available from the provider of online courses for the North American transportation industry

MARKHAM, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, today announced a new mobile training app for truck drivers. The industry's first dedicated online training app can be used to access the company's complete library of orientation and refresher courses and knowledge tests, as well as custom content from trucking companies.

"The new CarriersEdge mobile app is a reflection of the shift to mobile devices that we've seen in recent years," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO at CarriersEdge. "More and more fleets are providing smart phones and tablets to drivers and are using mobile apps to increase convenience and improve efficiency."

"Having a dedicated mobile app for driver training makes a lot of sense," Jazrawy continued. "There are generic productivity apps that can be used to run basic training programs, but until now there hasn't been anything dedicated exclusively to driver training and we felt that needed to change."

CarriersEdge offers a wide range of courses on Defensive Driving, Winter Driving, HOS & Logbooks (US & Canada), Practical Cargo Securement, Hazardous Materials, CSA, Fire Safety, Drug and Alcohol, Recognizing & Preventing Fatigue and Maximizing Fuel Efficiency.

Features of the CarriersEdge mobile app include push notifications so fleets can notify drivers of new training assignments or when deadlines for completing courses are approaching. The app also simplifies access for drivers. Once the app is installed, drivers stay logged in and don't have to remember a password. Resuming training is as simple as tapping an icon.

"A common challenge for fleets is that they don't have personal email addresses for drivers and using satellite communications only works if the driver is in the vehicle," Jazrawy added. "That means there's no easy way to send messages to drivers when they've been assigned training, need to renew expiring courses, or have deadlines approaching. With the CarriersEdge mobile app, that is all done directly on the device. For drivers it's personal, more timely, and a better way to stay on top of things."

The CarriersEdge mobile app is available on Google Play and at the Apple App Store for IOS and Android devices.

May 23rd, 2016
CarriersEdge adds online fuel-efficiency training course

MARKHAM, ON - CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, announced a new Maximizing Fuel Efficiency course.

The new course uses an interactive learning approach to help drivers understand their role in reducing fuel costs, the company says.

"Fluctuating fuel costs as well as environmental impact are challenges for trucking companies, but drivers remain the biggest variable when it comes to fuel consumption," says Mark Murrell, vice president of sales and marketing at CarriersEdge. "Many trucking operations are successfully using fuel efficiency competition and bonus programs, but drivers also need to understand the behaviors and operating practices they can use to decrease fuel use."

The training program uses real-world scenarios to provide participants with a comparison of effective and ineffective fuel saving techniques. A performance summary is also provided to drivers.

Maximizing Fuel Efficiency covers a number of factors that influence fuel use and impact fuel costs for fleets, including wind, air and road resistance, tires and wheels, route management, speed optimization and progressive shifting. Included is an industry perspective on saving fuel and greenhouse gas emissions, and a discussion of the importance of adhering to motor carrier fuel purchasing programs and practices.

May 9th, 2016
Interstate Distributor rolls out CarriersEdge training tools to fleet

MARKHAM, ON - CarriersEdge, a provider of online safety and compliance training tools, announced that Interstate Distributor is using its platform to provide customized maintenance training.

Driver and maintenance training needs at the company are now being managed on the CarriersEdge system. An integration with the carrier’s Human Resources operation is being used to distribute training materials and company policies, and to track compliance.

"We moved our entire maintenance training program to the CarriersEdge platform and used their expertise to review and adjust those materials so they are presented in a learning format designed for adults," said Scott Manthey CDS, VP – safety and compliance at Interstate Distributor. "We also integrated CarriersEdge with our Human Resources system so we can use it to deliver new policies and company updates, and track that training is being completed. CarriersEdge has become a huge part of our organization because it is convenient, user-friendly and a product that fits many of our needs."

Interstate Distributor, headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, is one of five operating groups within the Saltchuk organization. The company is a provider of dedicated, expedited, specialized, refrigerated and intermodal transportation services with a network of terminal and yard facilities in major markets throughout the U.S., western Canada and along the Mexican border.

Online training for about 120 technicians at Interstate Distributor is used as an advancement program. Technician training courses on the CarriersEdge platform include everything from basic service to in-depth repair and component replacement, as well as shop safety topics.

Converting from another supplier, Interstate Distributor utilizes CarriersEdge training for about 1,700 drivers. The training library covers defensive driving, HOS, cargo securement and hazardous materials and more.

"CarriersEdge content and its adult learning focus is clearly superior to the program we used in the past," Manthey stated. "We also polled our drivers and they like the ability to complete training online without having to come into a terminal, and that has a positive impact on productivity."

"The CarriersEdge approach is to provide training without impacting operations and to present complex topics in an interactive context," said Jane Jazrawy, CEO at CarriersEdge.

March 29th, 2016
CarriersEdge Adds New Punjabi Courses
Industry leading courses now available in third language

MARKHAM, ON - CarriersEdge, a leading provider of online driver training services and creator of the Best Fleets to Drive For program, today announced the release of its first online training courses translated into Punjabi.

The courses, all part of the CarriersEdge Defensive Driving suite endorsed by insurers and associations across the country, cover the basics of defensive driving, speed and space management, changing lanes and passing, navigating intersections, handling turns and curves, backing techniques, and dealing with adverse conditions.

The CarriersEdge course library includes more than 65 different training modules, in English and French. Over the next year, the most popular of those titles - covering areas such as HOS & logbooks, vehicle inspection, and others - will be translated into Punjabi as well. All translated courses include the full range of instructional tools found in their English counterparts - text, images, animation, voiceover, interactive quizzes - providing a consistent education experience, regardless of the chosen language.

"This is a milestone in online training for the Canadian transportation industry", said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. "Punjabi has been one of the most requested languages from fleets across the country, so we're very excited to have these titles available to our customers."

CarriersEdge subscription customers will automatically receive the new Punjabi courses as part of their subscription service. Courses can be purchased individually through CarriersEdge partners across the country.

For more information, stop by booth 1605 at Truck World in Toronto, April 14-16, 2016 for a demonstration.

August 25th, 2015
CarriersEdge Expands Online Training System with Custom Content and Classroom Management Tools, New Titles
Growth continues with new courses and management functions

MARKHAM, ON - CarriersEdge, a provider of online driver training services and creator of the Best Fleets to Drive For program, today announced several enhancements to its online driver training system, offering fleets greater ability to customize and consolidate their training programs.

In addition to the core library of online safety training courses, CarriersEdge customers now have expanded options for adding their own content into their personalized training environments. Powerpoint presentations, videos, and several other file types can be uploaded directly into the system where they'll be automatically converted to web format and added to the list of titles available for drivers.

New event management functions provide the ability to schedule and track classroom training activities alongside online content. In-person events such as orientation, driver meetings, and coaching sessions can be scheduled for individuals or groups, with management approval options, attendance tracking after each event, and waiting list capabilities as well.

"More and more, our customers are looking to CarriersEdge as the central hub for all their training activities", said Mark Murrell, VP Sales & Marketing at CarriersEdge. "In addition to our extensive library of online courses, they want the ability to add their own material and track outside activities as well. With these new tools they can now do all that and more."

The company also announced the release of new titles in its Practical Cargo Securement series. Based on the industry standard handbook of the same name, the new titles detail securement requirements for metal coils in cargo vans or on flatbeds.

"With these new modules, we now have more than a dozen distinct titles based on the Practical Cargo Securement handbook", noted Murrell. "That handbook is the gold standard in cargo securement for a reason - it's comprehensive, clear, and easy to use - and we're very proud to be the exclusive provider of online courses based on its content."

CarriersEdge subscriptions customers automatically receive all new course modules and system features as part of their subscription. Courses can also be purchased individually through CarriersEdge partners across the country.

April 27th, 2015
Private Motor Truck Council of Canada Launches PMTC Online Drivers' Academy
CarriersEdge powers new service for private fleets.

OAKVILLE, ON - The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) has brought another value added service to their membership. The PMTC Online Drivers' Academy is powered by CarriersEdge and the KRTS Information Highway. It will offer PMTC members discounted rates on a wide range of driver training options that will cover members' safety, compliance and professional development needs.

Individual courses from the PMTC Online Drivers' Academy make it easy to buy what you need, right when you need it. All programs are available in both English and French.

Mike Millian, President of PMTC is always interested in bringing value added services to the PMTC membership and says, "The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada is the only national voice dedicated to representing the views and interests of the private fleet sector since 1977. We will continue to bring value added services to its members. This latest partnership with KRTS and CarriersEdge clearly demonstrates that the PMTC will continue to partner with reputable and respected industry providers that can offer supreme services to its members at a members-only discounted rate."

The PMTC Online Drivers' Academy will also offer a subscription service for its members - all the tools you need for a complete driver training program in one simple package, with a month-to-month service - no contract. You only need to give 30-days-notice to cancel so you are not locked into any long-term commitments.

Matt Richardson is the Sales and Operations Manager at KRTS and has led the KRTS Information Highway team to great success in partnering with associations and industry to ensure the products and services are available at the best possible rates. Richardson says, "All of our customers love the flexibility of being able to access the courses anytime. The content, graphics and tutorials are very clear and concise. The administrative support and content of material offered by CarriersEdge is unmatched in the industry."

To learn more about the PMTC Online Drivers' Academy visit www.pmtcacademy.ca

February 26th, 2015
Truckload Carriers Association Launches New Learning Platform Specifically for Driver Training
CarriersEdge provides foundation for association's first driver-focused training product.

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) announced today that Truckload Academy, its education and certification arm, is adding to its suite of educational options a new subscription-based, online learning platform specifically tailored to training professional truck drivers.

Driver Connect, powered by CarriersEdge and KRTS Online Highway, fits the lifestyles of professional drivers, while giving trainers an easy-to-implement educational program. CarriersEdge is the association's partner in the Best Fleets to Drive For annual survey and contest.

"We are excited to add Driver Connect to Truckload Academy's offerings so our members and the industry at large have a training solution that utilizes the latest technology," explained Ron Goode, TCA director of education. "With drivers being constantly on the move, it is difficult for company leadership to manage their training needs."

Prior to launch, the program was piloted by TCA member fleets familiar with online training programs available to the industry. Trent Dye of Paramount Freight Systems considers this program a "must-have" and explained, "The comprehensive, detailed training included some of the best online training materials that we have seen in the transportation industry." He continued, "The training programs were easy to follow and very interactive for our drivers in the pilot program."

Many educational offerings focus primarily on the information needed to educate the end-user. The Driver Connect platform adds another layer to the training equation—it considers the learning styles of those taking the courses and provides an interactive learning experience designed to engage the driver.

Drivers can log in from their desktop, mobile device or through their vehicle's satellite to choose from a library of courses, including refresher courses.

As important, Driver Connect is also designed with the trainer or manager in mind. The interface allows trainers to set up and manage driver accounts, assign courses, and monitor progress.

Through advanced reporting tools, managers can run and automate reports, track compliance, analyze trends company wide, and review individual training status. Testing and assessment tools help managers identify where training has been most effective or where additional help is needed. When a driver successfully completes a course, managers can also print certificates.

Carriers interested in the training platform can learn more at www.TruckloadAcademy.org/driver-connect and are invited to sign up for a two-week trial. Attendees at the TCA 77th Annual Convention in Kissimmee, Florida, March 8-11, can stop by the TCA Booth (#915) to talk to an association staff member about the program.

About Truckload Carriers Association
TCA is the only national trade association whose collective sole focus is the truckload segment of the motor carrier industry. The association represents dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, and intermodal container carriers operating in the 48 contiguous states, as well as Alaska, Mexico, and Canada. Representing operators of more than 200,000 trucks, which collectively produce annual revenue of more than $20 billion, TCA is an organization tailored to specific truckload carrier needs.

About Truckload Academy
Truckload Academy is dedicated to furthering the industry's education and training opportunities through its On-demand platform (recorded conference sessions, workshops, and webinars), Live Learning events (webinars), Certifications, and Driver Connect.

About KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc.
KRTS Transportation Specialist Inc. has been a leading provider of training to the transportation industry since 1989. The KRTS Online Information Highway allows companies and drivers to easily access online training programs and modules helping both drivers and fleets improve their overall safety.

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